2 lbs of Amish Butter, would you buy it?

05/24/2013 4:00 pm · 1 comment

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

amish butter

I saw a brand new items in Albertsons this week.  Kind of took me by surprise… No fancy label, No Fancy package, No Logo.  Just a big ole hunk of yellow butter wrapped in parchment paper with a bar code and nutrition facts listed.  This MASSIVE slab of butter is a whopping $8.99 too… Would you buy it?  I kind of admire the simple approach… but don’t admire the price.   I try to wait to buy butter till it goes under $2 a lb, then stock up and keep it in the freezer or make my own.

home made butter bowl

It makes me wonder what it taste like?  Wonder if it just tastes like normal home made butter?  We make ours a few times a year, the kids love it.   You can see how here –>DIY – Homemade butter in a jar.

Albertsons has lots of  great deals check them out before you shop.

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