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02/27/2010 11:58 pm · 15 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

albertsonsIn todays Sunday paper you should find a single page Albertsons ad, and on the bottom of it is 3 twice the value coupons.  They are good for SEVEN DAYS!!!!You can use 3 twice the value (double coupons) per family per shopping trip.  They will double any coupon up to the value of $1.00 making that coupon twice its value.  SO if you use a .75 cent coupon it will double up to $1.50 or if you use a $1.00 coupon it will double to $2.00.  They will not double a coupon for $1.01 or more. They will not double a coupon that says do not double, or not subject to doubling.


Here are a few ideas


StarKist Chunk Light Tuna 2.6 oz Pouch

  • use the $1.00 off 2 coupon from 2/14 Red Plum
  • final price .50 cents each
  • with double coupon FREE

Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt 6 oz .50 cents each

Dreyer’s Ice Cream 1.5 qt $2.99

  • use the $1.00 off coupon from the  1/31 smart source
  • final price $1.99 each
  • with double coupon .99 cents


Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner or styling products $2.99

  • use the $1.00 off coupon from the 2/14 red plum
  • Final price $1.99
  • with double coupon .99 cents each

Listerine Mouthwash 16-33 oz $4.49

IMG_1169Snyder’s Pretzel Sandwiches Bag $2.99

  • use the $1.00 off coupon from 2/21 smart source
  • with double final price  .99 cents

IMG_1171Trident Layers Gum $1.25

  • use the $.75 from 2/7 Smart Source (regional coupon)
  • Final Price with double coupon FREE

IMG_1172Tree top Trim $2.99

  • use the $1.00 off coupon from past coupon insert
  • Final price with double .99 cents

IMG_1173Keebler Club Crackers $2.49

  • use the $1.00 coupon from past Parade magazine
  • final price  with double .49 cents


Wholly Guacamole $2.99

  • use the $1  Wholly Guacamole or Salsa coupon from the 1/31 red plum
  • final price with double coupon .99 cents

IMG_1176Tabasco sauce $1.99

  • use the .75 cents off any coupon from the 1/31 smart source
  • final price with double coupon .49 cents

IMG_1181My local Caldwell store has Finish on clearance for $3.97

  • use the $1.00 off coupon from past insert
  • final price with double coupon $1.97

Thanks to Fabulessly Frugal for passing along these deals on the new frozen food catalina.

We are excited about the new promotion starting Sunday!
(It runs through March 9th)

Purchase 10 participating items,
and receive a $10.00 catalina to use on your next order!









OTHER ITEMS LISTED: (the second price shown is after you factor in catalina savings)


  • Ore-Ida French Fries, Hash Browns, or Tater Tots $2.99/$1.99
  • Aunt Jemima Great Start Entree $1.49/$.49
  • Aunt Jemima Waffles $1.69/$.69
  • Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread or Texas Toast $2.79/$1.79
  • Dreyer’s Fruit Bars $2.99/$1.99
  • Klondike Ice Cream Bars or Sandwiches $2.99/$1.99
  • Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (1 pint) $2.99/$1.99
  • Hungry-Man Dinner $2.49/$1.49
  • Tombstone Pizza $2.99/$1.99



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Amy B
Amy B

Anybody buy the Old Orchard Juice? I got an ad today that has it on sale for .99 cents. Am I right in thinking that if I buy 12 and use three $1.00 off/4 and use the three double coupons that I will get the $10 chill catalina? Wouldnt that make it a money maker? I live 30min from Albertsons so I thought Id see if anyone had info before I drove out there.


I was out of town this last weekend. I thought we were supposed to get smart source and red plum. In Idaho Falls, all I found was the smart source. Did anyone get anything different?


Today I bought 5 Dreyers Ice cream and 5 hot pocket hot shots and the cat didn't print. :( I'll return and rebuy other stuff that is specifically listed. It would be easier if half the stuff had tags that actually said they went with the promo.


Ok, so I bought 10 meals @ $1.99 and used a $4/10 coupon for that. In the same transaction, I added 3 flatbread meals and used a "buy 3 get one flatbread free". So I had 13 items all together. The cashier told me I couldn't use both coupons together because that's stacking. I asked for some clarification from Customer Service. She called the Assistant Store Director, and he ok'd it. So Customer Service was giving me the $4 back, and another manager walked by & said "That's Coupon Stacking." They're going to clarify the issue w/the store director today. But now, I'm very confused. I've often used a coupon on the "buy one" with a "buy one get one free" coupon. Any one else had issues like this?


Our Alby's had listerine smart rinse on clearance for 2.74 - with 1mfc &DBL makes them .74 cents. Also crest pro-health, old spice Red zone, sure deodorant and Pert plus was all on clearance. I try to pair items that will be an overage with the DBL with ones that will not so I get both for less--( toothpaste was 1.74 and red zone was 3.00 mfc cpns- $1/1 pro health and #3/2 red zone... body was is basically B1G1 [my store also dbled this cpn for me for an extra 1 off] so my ticket looked like this: 2 pro health = 3.48 2 red zone =6.00 =9.48 + tax - mfc cpns 2- $1/1 , 1- $3/2= $5 -DBL $3 Total cpns $8 so 1.48 plus tax Same scenario for the smart rinse and sure deodorant.


Copy & Paste this link: to print a coupon for $4 off 10 Smart Ones. This will make for a pretty sweet deal. Lets see, that'll make it $5.90 for 10 meals.


Worked great for me. I even received a $2 survey coupon!


Just a heads careful on the Old Orchard Juice, there are only 3 or 4 flavors that are part of the promotion. Many of the mixed flavors don't work. Found that out today :)


I did it twice this morning, it worked fine, but the ore-ida mashed potatoes were not in the system - they pushed it through for me and got me my $10 in catalina's no problems.


I tried to do the "just chill" promo today and it didn't work. I made sure I got 10 items that were marked with the just chill sign in front of them. The catalina did not print. So I went to the service desk and explained the whole problem (in my sweetest voice). She had no clue about the promotion, didn't even have the flyer! I had part of mine but it was cut up from cutting the double coupons! She finally took my word for it and simply handed me a ten dollar bill. So it ended very well but not sure I would try it again. Anyone else try it yet?


the hot pockets sideshots are included, priced $2 so after coupon and doubler...50 cents


I did two of these today. At my store the Hot Pockets were $2.00.


The only thing Fabulessly Frugal is forgetting about is that you can only double 3 per transaction. I'm assuming you only get the $10 off when you buy 10 items, so out of those 10 items you would only be doubling 3 items. Is it really that good of a deal? Maybe it is....


I love your double scenario photos!!

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