Buying bigger is not always better…

08/24/2009 1:00 pm · 4 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

bigger better

One rule to getting a good deal with coupons is to buy small.  I know this goes against everything we have been taught, that the family value pack is suppose to be the best deal right?  Once again this brings us back to the point that anyone can match a coupon with an item.  The real key to saving the big bucks is, learning a few simple rules.  One of those rules is to to match a high value coupon up to the smallest and lowest priced item.  Let me explain, if you have a $2.00 off Chinet paper plates coupon, and the coupon says it is for 36-72 count packages.  If you look at the price per plate, the larger package will normally give you the best price per plate.   So it would seem like that one would give you the better deal.

If you buy the 36 count plates they are $2.50 that makes them about 7 cents a plate. The 72 count plates are $4.50, that makes them about 6 cents a plate.  But if you use the $2.00 off coupon on the 36 count package it now makes them only .50 cent,  less than a penny each.  If you use the coupon on the larger value pack it makes them only $2.50, or 3 cents each. So matching the high value coupon with the smallest package is the best deal.  Using a high value coupon will save you money but, learning how to use it to your advantage will save you even more.

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Sarah Hofhine
Sarah Hofhine

The only time this rule is usually wrong is with diapers...the per diaper cost is usually still higher with a jumbo or mega pack versus a box, unless there is an extra incentive like double coupons, catalinas, single check rebates, etc. Even before I 'couponed' I always had a calculator when I went to the diaper aisle to make sure I got the best per diaper cost!


Amen! This is something my husband cannot seem to grasp with my coupon shopping. How can you not see that free or close to is better??


I completely agree! However, I have not been able to find the Chinet plates because all of my local stores are out of them. I decided that it was still a good coupon and I would much rather pay the 3 cents a plate than the 6 cents!


Thanks for explaining that, now I see why a lot of couponers have calculators! I'm new to this, so this helps a lot! thanks again, mo

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