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Steps to doMy Sweet Husband works out of  state.  
We decided to make him a Christmas Memory Decoration to display at his office.


Supplies can be changed to a “Painters Canvas” or a large Christmas card.
I personally used foam core from the Dollar Store.

sketch of the proto typeDirections:  If you are using Foam Core.  

1.  Cut out the size you desire.  

(Double check that your foot and words will fit on the size you are going to cut out.) 
2. Sketch the line for the foot to hang from and the word MISTLETOE.

the feet3.  Paint your child’s foot with GREEN tole paint.  My child giggled the entire time.  
4.  Press the foot on the foam core and DO NOT leave too long.
foot placement
5.  You will need to be by a sink to wash off the first foot.
6.  Apply paint to the 2nd foot and press on to the foam core.

pretty stuff..7.  I used RED and YELLOW puff paint to decorate.  I chose puff paint because of the fine tip.  Just be careful not to squeeze to hard, or there will be a big glob.  I like to practice on a piece of paper first.
8.  I free handed bows and ribbons with RED puff paint.
9.  I traced over the MISTLETOE word with RED puff paint.
10.  I took YELLOW puff paint to make circles all over the canvas.  I did half circles and full circles. 

final piece

 My daughter was so HAPPY to share this with her dad in a care package.
  I thought it was a great way to save our daughters foot size in a memory.
This ideas was found  on Laugh It’s Free Facebook page.




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Final ShotChristmas is such a great time of year to make Yummy treats!
My husbands favorites are Rice Crispy Treat,
Here is a fun way to transform them into something FUN!


1 bag of 12 ounce marshmallows
8 cups of Rice Crispies
½ cup of butter (1 stick)
Green Food Coloring
Wax Paper

Large Pot
Bowl of Water
Wooden Spoon

Marshmallows picmonkey
Put the butter and marshmallows in a large pot.
Turn on the stove to medium heat.  
Melt the marshmallows until smooth.

Food Coloring picmonkeyAdd 10-15 drops of food coloring. (Depending on how dark of green you want)
Stir the coloring into the melted marshmallows.
Take marshmallows mixture of the heat.
Pour in the Rice Crispies and Stir until marshmallows cover the rice crispies.

Bowl of Water-picmonkey
Wet your hands in the water.

Rice crispy ballsTake a ball of marshmallows out of the pot with your wet hands.
Form the ball tightly 
Put on the wax paper.
Wreath picmonkeyForm the ball into a wreath.

add M&Mpicmonkey

Add the M & M’s (purchased with a coupon) while the marshmallows are still warm.
Group of crispies

 Let cool and ENJOY!  

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Thanks to Purposely Frugal  for passing along this recipe for how to make baked potatoes in the crock pot (instead of the oven).  We have a rule in our family that we never leave the house with the oven on… so I love this idea.  Plus on a hot summer day the last thing you want is your oven on all day.  Not an issue in winter ( heck most days I want to snuggle up to my oven just to stay warm…lol.)

baked potatoes in the crock pot

  1. Scrub and pat dry your potatoes
  2. Poke a few holes in them with a  fork.
  3. Rub in oil (I used olive oil) and salt.
  4. Wrap in aluminium foil and put in your crock pot. I cooked 6 potatoes on low for 7 hours, but you may need to vary the cooking time, based on the size and number of potatoes and your crock pot.
  5. Enjoy with your favorite toppings!
No need to add water to the bottom but to keep the bottom ones from burning rotate them OR add some crumbled foil on the bottom before you add the potatoes.

Crock Pot Tip: A crock pot uses about 8 cents of electricity in 7 hours, whereas an oven uses between 16-24 cents per hour of use. I know the savings is small, but crock pots also keep your house cooler in the summer! Information from Michael Bluejay, a.k.a Mr. Electricity.

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I want parties to be fun for my kids… but I hate it  when they come home “jacked up” on sugar! That is why I LOVE these Robot Men… they have the FUN factor with a healthy twist!  You can see all the details on how to make them over at Living Cleverly.

Thanks to Living Cleverly  for this idea.  This is perfect for a cute but healthy party idea for kids! If you would like to be a featured guest post on Look What I Made,watch for our weekly post each Tuesday called A Thrifty online craft fair, link up and you may be selected for our weekly feature post.

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How to Reupholster a chair

When I was 12 I started working on a program for girls in our church called personal progress.  It was a 6 year program and each year you worked on project and goals to better yourself in all areas of life.  One of the projects I was  suppose to do was to learn a new skill.  My crazy little 12 year old mind came up with the idea to learn to reupholster a chair. My Mom being  SUPER CRAFTY was willing to teach me.  My Dad picked up this old metal chair at an auction for $2, it had a ripped mustard yellow vinyl seat and was in pretty bad shape.

Mom and I picked out some fabric, a new foam cushion and  turned that mustard yellow hunk on junk, into what I thought was the prettiest chair on earth.  I have had it ALL these years but a few years ago it found its way into the pile of “almost junk, but the hoarder in me can’t let it go” pile in the garage.  It was once again, worn and out of date and the brass with pink rose print fabric was hot in the early 90′s (but so was Richard Simmons) but not any more.  So this sad little chair sat unused for several years.

chair makeover

This week I decided to  put my skills to work that my Mom had taught me so many years ago and pass them onto my kids and once again transform the chair.  With a little spray paint and some new fabric this chair is cute as can be, and  has now upgraded it address from the pile in the garage to my front room.

First step was to take the seat and back piece off the chair.  A few simple screws and they popped right off.  Next I sprayed the chair with an even coat of black spray paint.  The kids helped me strip the old fabric off the boards, the padding was really worn  so we took that off as well.

chair makeover

My kids helped me trace out a pattern on the new foam cushion and on the back side of the new fabric as well.  I picked up a 1 inch foam pad at my local Home Fabrics store. I cut the foam pad to the exact size of the wood base, but I cut the fabric about  1 1/2 inches bigger to allow for room to wrap the seat. Once I got the foam cut to size I used hot glue to tack it to the wood seat.


I then placed the seat back and seat bottom foam side down onto the back side of the fabric. I started at the top and tacked the fabric onto the back of the seat board.  I then went to the bottom, pulled the fabric snug and tacked it down, then did each one of the sides.  So it was now tacked down on all 4 sides.  You need to pull it tight so the front  is nice and smooth and does not have any wrinkles or bumps in it. You can tack it down with short staples from a staple gun… but I just used hot glue since it is screwed into place as well.  And that is what I used last time and it held just fine for 20 years LOL.

Once I got the seat back and the seat bottom covered I then covered a piece or poster board in the same shape as a cover.  You put this on the back side so it has a nice finished look as well, it is a must have to the back board since you see it.   But not needed for the bottom, but I put it on there anyway.
chairmakoverIt is a rather simple process, each chair is a little different.   But these basic tips will  work for most basic chairs. If you do this I would recommend that you get a good sturdy  upholstery fabric.


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chocolate filled strawberries

A few weeks ago I shared a quick and easy treat, Chocolate Filled Strawberries.  They are quick and easy to make but can get a little tricky if you are making a bunch at a time.  They will fall over and the warm chocolate will run out of them.  But I have found a quick solution. When you make chocolate filled strawberries, set them in a mini muffin tin. This will keep the chocolate in place till it hardens.

chocolate filled strawberries


Here are a few suggestions to use strawberries in besides the good ‘ole jam.

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