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Cupcake in a cone, icecream cones, cake mix, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinaconeMy mother made these CUPCAKES in a CONE as a child.  
They are perfect to take to a party or a picnic.
 No need for picking up the cupcake holders after the kids have eating off the frosting.  
They will eat all the way to the end!
Cupcake in a cone ingredients, jellybeans, icecream cones, cake mix, frosting, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinacon
1 Cake Mix
1 tub of frosting
24 ice cream cones (normal size)
muffin tin
Small Jelly beans ( we used Gimbal’s Allergen-Free Fine Candies Gourmet Jelly Beans)

1. Put the cones in the muffin tins.
2. Follow the cake mix instructions on the box.
3.  Pour the cake mix batter in the cones up to the line before the top of the cone. (look at photo)
4.  Bake-Use the chart on the back of the box for cupcakes.  Check with toothpick.
Cupcake in a cone batter, icecream cones, cake mix, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinaconemix5. Cool completely.
6.  Frost and decorate.
Cupcake in a cone, icecream cones, cake mix, jelly beans, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinacone
Here is the side view of the cupcakes in a cone!
Cupcakes in a cone made my a child, icecream cones, cake mix, DIY, Easy, Thrifty, #athriftymom,#cupcakesinaconeI have to tell my little secret!
My sweet 7 year old asked to decorate one, while I drew a blank of how to add a flower.
Here is what she came up with!
She gave me permission to copy hers

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Thanks to  Tales of a Domestica  for this  saving money garden tip on how to make your own seed tape.

Planting small seeds can be tricky. I am terrible at thinning my veggies once they get growing. I hate to throw out a good thing…. But if you don’t thin the seeds you won’t get a good product. That I know all too well!  So to eliminate the need for thinning the little seeds I made these seed tapes.

 Cut your toilet paper the length of the garden row.  Fold it in half and cut it down the middle to make 2 long skinny rows.

 In a small bowl mix one part flour to one part water.

Use a paint brush to put a dot of paste (flour water mixture) the distance recommended on the seed package. Each seed is different so read carefully. Drop 1-2 seeds per paste drop, fold and seal with paste, roll up for storage.  Roll out the seed tape in your garden row , and cover with dirt!

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Hair bow holder, great way to organize hair bows, clips, headbands and ribbons #DIYWith two little girls in the house we have hair clips, flowers, head bands and ribbons all over the house.  We have a drawer from them in the bathroom, but they are a jumbled mess.   So making a hair  accessories board has been on my to-do list for some time now.

My friend DeAnna gave me this magnet board about 5 years ago from Christmas.  She made it, so I loved it…but once we moved to our new house I never found a place to hang it.  So it never got put back up and sat in my closet.  The other day I had an idea… I thought hmmm that would look cute in  the girls bathroom.  I took the back off and tied ribbon around the middle, and tied it in a knot.

I then put the metal sheet back into place, I added a few nails to make sure it would not pop out.

You could make this same board by using an frame

Since it is a magnet board I added a few magnets to items like a brush and a jar of pony tail holders.  I just used a super glue dot to hold it in place.

Then it was time for the girls to add their clips, head bands and ribbons.

I left one of the ribbons rather loose and then used glue dots to create segments to hang their hand bands on.

The girls love it and I have fun making a “girl project” with my little cuties.

I love it when I can re-purpose something and save money!

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Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft,,#kids, #Easter, #easteregg, #thrifty, #egg,#paper, #recycle


Easter Egg Craft ~ Great Kids Craft

Looking for a quick craft that the kids can do when they are stuck inside on a rainy spring day?  Maybe you have a lot of paper scraps laying around that you are looking for a creative way to use up.  This is perfect for both of those!

You will need

2 copies of an egg print out (find a coloring sheet of an egg and that will work perfect.  Its ok if it isn’t plain, you will be cutting one out and gluing over the other one anyway)

patterned paper scraps



Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft,#kids, #thrifty, #Easter, #egg, #easteregg, #paper, #recycle

Begin by cutting your scraps of paper into thin strips.  They don’t have to be straight or even the same size.  If you don’t have any scraps of paper around, you should be able to find some cheap paper even at the dollar store.

Now, take one of your egg printouts and cut it out.  DO NOT CUT THE OUTSIDE OF THE PAPER.  Only cut the egg out of the middle.  Leaving a sort of egg shaped frame.  Lay that one aside, you are done with it for now.

Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft, #thrifty,#kids, #Easter, #egg, #easteregg, #paper, #recycle

Now take your scraps and glue them to the top of the other coloring sheet that you didn’t cut out.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, they can even overlap.

Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity, #craft, #thrifty,#kids, #Easter, #easteregg,  #egg,#paper, #recycle

Doesn’t look like much at this point, but it will!  Once you are done gluing the strips down, take your egg frame you made and glue it on top.

Easter egg craft ~ great kids activity,#Easter,  #craft, #thrifty,#kids, #easteregg,  #egg,#paper, #recycle

There you have it!  A great craft that is perfect for Easter or for a rainy day!  Doesn’t it look lovely?

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1tiedie shirt110

Are you looking for a fun summer project to do with the kids.  Or maybe a craft idea for girls camp, family reunions or maybe even birthday party idea?  My Mother in law made these sharpie tie die shirts with my kids during our family vacation.  They were simple to make and my kids LOVED them!  Perfect for kids of all ages, heck I loved them so much I wanted to make one. To make these you will need

  1. White T-shirt or  White Pillow Case
  2. Sharpie Makers
  3. Cups, we used red solo cups 
  4. Rubber Bands 
  5. Rubbing alcohol
  6. Eye dropper 
  7. Optional ~ Soda Ash  if you want your shirts to stay bright and not fade you can pre treat the fabric with soda ash. Use – 1 cup (8 oz.) of Soda Ash Fixer per gallon of warm water. A gallon will soak 10-12 adult XL tees – so way more kids tees, fewer dresses, etc. Let shirts dry before you start to draw on them.

1tiedie shirt1

Start by placing the cup inside the shirt and putting the rubber bands around the top of the cup on the outside of the shirt.  Make sure your rubber bands are tight this will help the colors fabric stay tight so you can draw a nice image.  You can add as many as you want, just a few or “FILL ‘ER UP”.

1tiedie shirt

Once you have your cups and rubber bands in place let the kids draw on the circles.  If you want you can have the kids draw one image a day to make a story board if your on a trip.  But we made ours in an afternoon while at the beach, so the kids drew things that made them think of the beach.

1tiedie shirt2

You do not have to be an artist to make these look great, remember they will be “tie died” and change at the end.  SO you can scribble if you want or draw a fancy picture both will work.  1tiedie shirt3Just try and remember the colors are going to blend so keep that in mind when your drawing your images. It is better to stick with lighter colors.

1tiedie shirt4

Once you are done drawing your images with sharpie markers…. now comes the fun part. Take the eye dropper, and start to drop rubbing alcohol on your images. Go slowly if you add to much the ink will blend too much.

1tiedie shirt5

And like magic your images transform info stunning works of art!  The colors really pop, and as the ink blends the look amazing.

1tiedie shirt6

Once you are done dropping the alcohol and the shirts is blended, let it dry.

1tiedie shirt7

 Once they are dry you can take the rubber bands off.  But it is best to wait 24 hours before you wash the shirt.

1tiedie shirt8

 Colors will fade some, but if you use the soda ash that I mentioned above the colors will stay better.

1tiedie shirt9

If you want the colors to reach further you will need to add more alcohol drops on the very edge of the cup.  Or put your cups closer together to allow the colors to blend together from cup to cup. 1tiedie shirt10

It was a really fun project, my kids loved it.  Thanks Granny for the fun idea! I think we will do pillow cases next year! 1tiedie shirt111

More activities, projects and fun things to do with your kids this summer.

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DIY Bird feeder

DIY Bird Feeder by Tiffany – When I was little and in school we made these easy DIY bird feeders. I thought my kiddos ages 3 and 6 were old enough to make them, so we gave it a go. They did a fantastic job and had so much fun making them. After we hung our bird feeders, we sat patiently and watched to see if the birdies would come, and they did! My three year old daughter thought this was the best project EVER! She was even nice enough to bring more empty rolls of toilet paper, wasn’t that sweet?! Yes, she unrolled several rolls before I knew what she was doing. Little stinker! :)

Easy DIY Bird feeder

Supplies Needed:

  • Bird Seed
  • Creamy Peanut Butter (challenge yourself with the crunchy :) ..)
  • Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • String, Ribbon or Twine
  • Scissors, for cutting ribbon
How to make a peanut butter bird feeder
1. Put the ribbon through the toilet paper tube and make a knot at the top. (This can be done before or after rolling in peanut butter & bird seed. We’ve done it both ways.)
DIY peanu butter bird feeder
2. Spread peanut butter all over toilet paper tube.How to make a bird feeder

3. Roll peanut butter covered tube in bird seed.
4. Hang in your favorite tree & watch the birdies come. :)

How to make a bird feeder

Thanks Tiffany – hope your lil cutie pie has fun hanging those!

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