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We love our readers when they tell us how much they save when they follow our site. But we have bad news… not by our doing but by Facebook’s doing. There have been changes – again – to how Facebook shares what people say to others who have already “Liked” them.

For example – Many of you – over 61,000 of you follow us on Facebook. That way you can stay on top of the hottest deals by an update on your Facebook news feed. When we post something like – Free Hot Products on our A Thrifty Mom Facebook page, all of you can see the post on your phone, or tablet or computer, while you are out and about, or chatting with friends. And you can click the link on Facebook and go straight to the deal on our site!

BUT – Since Facebook has switched things up – again – Many of you are not seeing our updates to hot deals and coupons through Facebook. Why—- well that’s the change. Facebook has restricted how many of you can “see” our post on our page published into your news feed. Why you ask is Facebook restricting things? Because they are out to make more money from page owners. Now they want us to “promote” our page updates, by paying a fee to allow more of our followers who have already “Liked” us to see our updates. And no it’s not cheap!

The normal “charge” they want us to pay to reach only 55,000 of our 61,000 fans is $300 per update. And since we post about 20 deals a day on to our Facebook page that would cost us $6000.00 per day to allow about 90% of our fans to view our content. SOOOO NO we are not made of money – we struggle just like many of you.

So how do we fight back? An easy way to make sure you never miss out on another hot deal is to manually “allow” our updates to appear on your news feed.

Here’s how to fix that problem:

Go to A Thrifty Mom on Facebook Here

Hover over the “Liked” button see below:

Then a pop up box will appear that looks like the image below. When that pops up make sure there is a CHECK MARK next to SHOW IN NEWS FEED

Facebook promoting fix


Please help us share our upcoming hot deals, giveaways, coupons, and funny thoughts our kids say and so much more. You never want to loose out on free deals! Thank you to all of our loyal followers on Facebook – Over 61,000 and growing fast!

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Looking for a new and better way to enjoy the web? Download Firefox 10! It’s perfect with apps that you can add for Twitter, Facebook, and tons of others to personalize your browser! So check it out – and it’s free!

Plus so many times it is Firefox that actually allows coupons to print. The other browsers are particular to so many different things that make printing difficult. So if you ever have trouble printing a coupon, make sure you try to print it in FireFox 10.0

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Many times a week we get emails from followers saying that when they click on a link old out dated post come up. Or that when they click a link to print a coupon, old coupon that were a month or more old show.

What is happening? Well it isn’t our website or any other website. What happens is that when you are on the computer and you visit a website, your computer stores little pieces of information about that website. It stores this information to make the next time you visit that same website, it can pull up the website faster using the stored information. This is great when you casually visit a particular website. But sites like ours where deals post sometimes more then one an hour, sometimes readers visit very frequently. Sometimes multiple times a day, just to keep up with each new deal. So each time they visit your computer continues to store little bits of information. Doing this your computers storage area quickly becomes crowded and full. And just like you in a crowded room, you can become confused, agitated and start sending mixed signals just trying to keep up.

So how do you fix this? I is very easy when you follow this step by step instruction thanks to WikiHow.  Below are steps to take for each type of web browser. [click to continue…]

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Are you having trouble with old stuff on websites. Does it seem like the info on a website is the same as it was last time you visited, but you know they have posted more then what is on your computer screen? Quite often readers will say that they get our emails and read about our new postings and deals but when they come to the website it is the same stuff as a few days ago. Or maybe you are having trouble printing coupons and cant get the coupon websites to work right. To fix these issues and others, start by clearing your internet cache

To do this is very easy. Thanks to WikiHow,  Below are steps to take for each type of web browser. [click to continue…]

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macSo this past week I tried my hand at the coupon printing problem on a Mac computer. It was all new to me. Being a video game type of guy, I use a Windows operating system due to how compatiable it is to the game programs verses Mac’s. Before working on it I did some research as well. I found that this has been a very common problem with various coupon printer programs.

So here are a few things I learned, and hopefully it might help out some other. If you have a Mac and know how to fix this, or if you too can confirm these same issues then please leave a comment.

fxFirefox – well the only thing I was able to print was coupons. About every other time the spinning “S” meaning it was thinking, would continue to spin for ever. So if I hit the back button one time then it seemed to fix its little hiccup.

saSafari – I was able to print from RedPlum,, Betty, and Every now and then there would be a hiccup, and the back button press one time seemed to work. Our friend, who’s computer it was, said that sometimes the computer would freeze up all together and the only way to reset it was to unplug from the wall.

I do know that back in the spring this year (2010) that did have a pretty big issue with printing coupons from a Mac. I never really saw that it was actually fixed or not.

Supposedly here are the requirements of your Mac computer to print (but that still doesn’t mean there are no hiccups)

Coupons.comCoupon printing is currently supported on Macintosh OSX 10.3 or higher when used with Safari 2+ and FireFox 2+. Coupon printing is also supported on Macintosh when using Safari under OS X 10.3 and higher – Macs running OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard)

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printOne of our readers sent us these great THRIFTY COUPON PRINTING Tips!

Thanks Maryhelen! With Sarah out sick, this helps and is great advice.

Printing coupons can take a toll on both your paper supply and your ink. But there are ways to make printing more “thrifty” and here are a few that have saved us significantly:

  1. Use the backs of other papers to print your coupons. This can be your child’s schoolwork, papers from their teachers, misprints from other projects ~ anything that has printing on one side, but not the other. I’ve gone through and cleaned out old binders and old files and now have a large stack of paper that is for coupons only. Perhaps your office has a recycle bin for misprints or pages that are no longer needed. Check with your employer to see if you can use those pages for coupons (after all, you’re recycling!). Of course you want to be cautious as to what you print on the back of ~ make sure your personal or any sensitive information is not going to end up on the back of your coupon.
  2. Adjust your printer to print at a “fast normal” quality. You can also select only a “grayscale” print, which means that the printer will print your coupons in black and white. Both of these cut the amount of ink used and makes your ink go farther. Stores used to be particular about taking black and white printed coupons, but these days the bar codes are better, scan more easily and are tougher to forge. This has expanded the acceptance policies and has made it easier for all of us.
  3. There are a number of companies out there who sell their ink for less. We took a chance in January and are so glad we did! We bought 18 cartridges of ink for $65. These were both black and color cartridges. They have been great! Our printer (a Brother) has been happy, and the quality just the same as if we’d bought the ink at a higher price. And because we take our empty cartridges back to Staples for a $3 “rebate”, in the end, we’ll have only paid $17 for 18 cartridges! THAT brings a smile to my face!

Since saving is the idea, we can better complete the circle by keeping every aspect of couponing a thrifty endeavor!

She is happy to tell people  of a great ink company and also help get them a $5 credit on their first order. The company is and they have a referral system for existing customers to refer new ones. My email for anyone to send their email address to is: Then I can submit that to Clickinks and they will get their credit.
If you’d like to include that in the post, you sure can.

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