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My girls love to play “coupon shop” with all my expired coupons … there was a ton of them that expired recently.  BUT after they have fun sorting them we bag them up and sent them to the military families overseas to use!

Just a reminder that you can ship your expired coupons to Military Families. They can use these coupons in the over sea commissaries up to 6 months after they expire. But they need to be sent to them before they are 3 months expired. For more info on these programs:

Expired Coupons for military overseas OCPNET.org

Expired Coupons to Military overseas

Expired Coupns used in overseas Military bases
So remember each time you clean out your coupon binder to help a family overseas!
We have been matched up with a base, and these families are excited to receive these coupons.  I hope we can shower them with coupon love!!!

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Ingard here, I was finally inspired enough to send my expired coupons to the overseas families by the Thrifty Mom coupon drive. Truely my hold back was my own thriftiness but I learned it was just a $4.95 expenditure, that is $1.24 per week.

This project couldn’t have been simpler.

  • I started collecting each week for a month.
  • I got two gallon baggies one I marked Food and the other Non-Food and I put the address (get that HERE) on a sticky note for later reference when shipping.
  • Each week as I purged my coupon binder I just made the two piles and instead of recycling them, I just popped them in the corresponding baggies.
  • Tuesday I went to the post office, and might I say they couldn’t have been nicer and even helped me with what I thought was a weird request. Come to find out there are several ‘regulars’ in my area – KUDOS to you ‘regulars’.
  • I was even told to STUFF the envelope as much as it could hold and all for a flat $4.95 fee.

It was quite painless and highly rewarding to know that I was helping cash strapped American families overseas who are doing their part ensuring mine and my families freedoms here on our soil.

If you want to do this too get information HERE and HERE, remember they prefer that you use the United States Post Office priority mail envelopes(ships fastest) found at the post office for as low as $4.95 for the envelope and shipping.

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Come see me today at the Women’s Celebration and enter to win this FREE  Coupon Binder and a $50 Albertsons Gift card.  

I am excited to let you know that I have teamed up with the Idaho Statesman in a Support Our Troops Coupon Drive.

I will be at their expo booth collecting expired coupons to send to Military Families. They can use these coupons in the over sea commissaries up to 6 months after they expire. For more info on this program check out TroopCoups.

Just for stopping by you can enter to win a Case-it Coupon Binder and a $50 Albertsons Gift Card!!!! 

Date: Friday 9/23/2011

Time: 3-6pm

Place: Woman’s Celebration in Boise, Idaho Statesman Expo Booth

What: Bring your clipped coupons sorted into two groups “food” and “non food”

We will also have information about our upcoming FREE  COUPON CLASS  on October 6.  Come by the booth and be the first to sign up!

START GATHERING THOSE EXPIRED COUPONS!!!! (please only bring newly expired coupons within 45 days)


For our national readers we want to invite you to be part of this event as well.  You can ship your recently expired coupons (clipped sorted into two groups “food” and “non food”) in a flat rate priority mailer to this address:

PSC 76 BOX 5322
APO AP 96319
We have been matched up with this base, and these families are excited to receive these coupons.  I hope we can shower them with coupon love!!!
For our national readers, if you send coupons to this address, please leave a comment below and you will be entered to win a $25 Olive Garden gift card… we are doing this on the honor system since I will not know if you shipped them or not.

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Since many of our readers are new to couponing they may not know you can send your expired coupons to help others. This is a repost we did awhile back, but I thought I would remind you all.


One of our long time readers sent us this set by set guest post on what you can do to make a difference with those expired coupons! Thanks Andi!

Do you throw them in the trash or even let them sit in your coupon sorter for months?

Next time you sort out your expired coupons don’t throw them in the trash! Throw them in an envelope and send them over seas to military families!

Military families shop at the PX, BX or Commissary and grocery bills can get very expensive while in another country, and expired coupons can help them save!

There are tons of sites you can use to find a military base or family to send them to.

I found a few through Ann Marie. She is stationed with her family in Germany right now.

And I found several others just by doing a simple Google search.

Most of them go like this:

1. Go onto their site and choose a base or family you would like to mail the coupons to.

2. Once you have found a good family, make sure the coupons are clipped (so as to not waste on postage).


3. I sort them into two piles, food and non-food products and put each pile into a plastic baggy (envelopes can work as well).


4. Then add up the total amount your coupons are worth, and list it on each baggy.


5. The next step may be different depending on which site you choose to go with.

– At Overseas Coupon Program you have to fill out a report and send it to them.

– At The Happy Housewife can contact her for more information on the details.

– At Grocery Saving Tips you just send them off.

UPDATE**** some readers have said their coupons have been returned when sent to the above links so here is a new link The Overseas Coupon Project,

Each site has a different amount of time the coupons are aloud to be expired for. They range anywhere from 2 to 6 months.

Happy Couponing!

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