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Aprils FOOLS DAY pranks and ideas for kids.

April 1st is right around the corner, here is a fun and easy idea you might want to remember for later.

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April FOOLS!
What a fun and easy idea to make for your family on April 1st.
This could be sent in their lunches, on the breakfast table, or brought to coworkers.
A fun treat!
Yellow M&M’s
Mini stick Pretzels
White melting chocolate
Cut tip offThis is super easy and fun to make.
Lay wax paper on a baking sheet.  The wax paper is used so the chocolate will not stick.

1. Break the pretzels in half, so they are the correct size to fit on the white of the eggs. Set them aside for later.
2.  Pull out the yellow M&M’s and put them aside.
I used green too.  Thought it would be fun to have some Green eggs and ham too.
3.  Put a handful of white chocolate circles in a bowl.  Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Stir.  Microwave for 30 seconds at a time until the chocolate is melted.
4.  Pour the chocolate in a ziplock bag and cut off the tip.
5.  Make mini circles the shape of an egg.  A handful of chocolates made 8 eggs.
Take the back of a spoon and smooth the chocolate out more.
Chocolate on the board6.  Place the M&M’s and the pretzels in the soft white chocolate.
7.  Let the chocolate harden.

Have a Fun April Fools Day!

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April Fools Dessert Burgers, Quick and easy dessert for APRIL FOOLS DAY #Recipe #AprilFools #Dessert #KidsRecipe

Edible Painted Bread... a fun idea for April Fools. painted bread for april fools day, April Fools day idea #AprilFoolsDay, #AprilFools

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DIY Dec 2014 Fun, creative ideas for your fall and kids.
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How to Roast ChestnutsHow to Roast Chestnuts

printable nativiaty setBaby Jesus printable Nativity sets

Snowman toilet paper Christmas card, #thrifty, #neighborgift, #gaggift, #funnygift, #christmascard, #snowman, #snowmancraft, #toiletpaper, #ChristmasSnowman toilet paper Christmas ‘card

How to make a cloth diaper for baby dolls, No Sew pattern perfect gift for little girls #DollDiaper, #NoSewDollDiaper, #Patern,   #diaperDoll diaper tutorial

Dinosaur hand puppet, easy hand puppets to make for kids. Children craft projects, low cost party favor ideas, boy puppets, Dino gloveDIY ~ no sew Dinosaur puppet

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Christmas Tree Cupcakes made out of ice cream cones, easy christmas treats DIYI just love these Christmas Tree cupcakes, they look to festive and pretty. and they are simple to make!  You can make them as simple or glamorous as you want. You can even use the same idea on sugar cookies, just a tip.


Yields: 24 Cupcakes, Time: 60 Minutes


  • 1 box white cake mix (plus required ingredients listed on the box, i.e. eggs, oil & water)
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened
  • 3 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 4 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • 4 tablespoons milk
  • White Sugar Sprinkles
  • Round Colored Sprinkles
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Sugar Cones

Christmas Tree Cupcakes made out of ice cream cones, easy christmas treats DIYDirections:

1. Prepare cake batter according to box directions and bake in cupcake pan using liners.

2. While cupcakes cool, make frosting. Start by using an electric mixer to beat butter until light and fluffy. Gradually beat in confectioners’ sugar until fully incorporated. Beat in vanilla extract. Pour in milk and beat for an additional 3 minutes.

3. Place two cups of white frosting in a piping bag with a round frosting tip. Mix green food coloring in remaining frosting until you reach desired shade of green.

4. Place one sugar cone upside down onto each cupcake. Using a butter knife, spread a thin layer of green frosting to completely coat each cone.

5. Fill a piping bag with remaining green frosting and use a small closed star frosting tip to make Christmas tree branches. Start at the top and turn the cupcake, continuing adding branches to fill the entire cone.

6. Using the white frosting, pipe a thick layer around the bottom of the cone to look like snow.

7. Add white sprinkles to the “snow” and add round colored sprinkles to the “tree”.Christmas Tree Cupcakes made out of ice cream cones, easy christmas treats DIY

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christmas make a word



Hope you are all able to spend the day with family and friends.  While you are busy getting your last minute things done for Christmas here is a fun FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Make A Word  game for the kids to play.  Well adults can play it too if they want.  You can play it alone or with a group.  The object of the Christmas Make A Word games is to see how many words you can make out of the word Christmas.  Use the letters o create new words, and start your list. You can time yourself, race someone else or just do it at your own pace.   Hope you enjoy this fun FREE printable, be sure and save it or pin it on Pinterest  so you can play it again next year.

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50 Christmas DIY Ideas, Christmas Recipes, Christmas Crafts, Ornaments, Kids Crafts, Neighbor Gift Ideas... Everything Christmas in one spot

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Snowman toilet paper Christmas card, #thrifty, #neighborgift, #gaggift, #funnygift, #christmascard, #snowman, #snowmancraft, #toiletpaper, #Christmas

Snowman Toilet paper Christmas “Card”~ Thrifty Neighbor Gift

Looking for something thrifty, different, and fun to give your neighbors this year?  Or something to leave the mailman, paper boy and garbage man?  With how thrifty this craft is, you could make one for everyone that has ever done anything for you for next to nothing! Not to mention giving them a little chuckle at the same time!  Sounds pretty good, right?

Introducing the first ever “toilet paper Christmas card”.  You read that right.  Attached is a little note that says;

” Money is tight

And times are hard,

So we are giving you this

Instead of a card.

Hang over or under

Whichever is pleasin’

And remember we wish you

A great Holiday Season!”

Silly right?  You don’t normally encourage people to wipe with your Christmas card, but why not ;)?

You will need:

snowman toilet paper Christmas card, #neighborgift, #neighbor, #thriftygift, #thriftycraft, #thrifty, #snowman, #gaggift, #funnygift, #toiletpaper

Roll of toilet paper

Gallon size Ziploc bag

 ribbon (Curling ribbon or fabric ribbon either is fine)

glue stick

orange paper

googly eyes

black paper

hole punch

Poem attached to some cute Christmas paper

I created a printable of the poem. If you would like to size it to a 4 x 6 size, or whatever size you want you can open it in a free program like Picasa.  That will then give you the choice as to which size to print it.  I have used Picasa for years, and it is very easy to learn and use.

snowman christmas card, #snowman, #christmascard, #christmas, #thriftygifts, #neighborgifts, #thriftycrafts,

Begin by sticking your toilet paper inside the Ziploc bag.  I then trimmed the zip top off of mine.  I like the look of having it tied with a ribbon.

Glue on your googly eyes.  Cut out an orange “carrot” whatever size you want.  Cut 4 round stones for the mouth.  Attach all of those with glue.  Print off your poem and glue it to some cute Christmas paper.  Punch a hole so you can stick the ribbon through it.  Tie that to the top so that it is sealed tightly.

There you have it!  Almost as easy as filling out a card, right?  I guarantee this one won’t be thrown away or forgotten anytime soon!

snowman toilet paper Christmas card, #neighbor, #neighborgift, #card, #christmas, #christmascard, #snowman, #toiletpaper, #funnygift, #thrifty, #thriftygift

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printable nativiaty set

I found these adorable printable puppets for the Nativity.  Perfect for little ones learning about the story of Jesus.  I plan to print these off for my kids tonight for family night and have the kids put on a play of the story of Jesus birth. You can also find a cute song to go along with these printable Nativity sets.


Other Nativity Sets you might want to check outThe Nativity Play Set ~ Kid-Friendly Nativity Set, Perfect for Christmas


Little People Christmas Story Nativity with Lights and Sounds willow treeWillow Tree Nativity Set

Christian Nativity themed Advent Calendars for Christmas, religious Advent Calendar Christian nativity themed advent calendarsNativity Set Melissa and Doug, shipped freeMelissa & Doug Nativity Set 

Wood nativity set, Christmas gift idea

Olive Wood Miniature Set with Stable 12 pieces

Try Prime for FREE!

Looking for More Online Deals?  Click here for more  THRIFTY DEALS. Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice. And also check out our Christmas gift ideas and Stocking Stuffers

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