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Keeping Track of Your Child’s Medicine Doses~ Good Advice During the Winter Season

I love pretty much everything about Fall and Winter.  I think I can count on one hand the things I dislike about the cold months; heating bills, icy roads, and kids getting sick every time you turn around.  Honestly, with multiple kids it sometimes feels like someone in our home is sick constantly the whole season!  Don’t get me wrong, I feel blessed that they are small illnesses.  Colds, ear infections and sinus infections mostly.  But with our hectic life, and sometimes multiple children on medicine at the same time, it is easy to lose track of whether or not someone got their dose that morning/evening.  And then if you add 2 parents in there, what if one of us gives the medicine not realizing that the other one already gave it to them?

Here is the solution: Use a sharpie, or put a small label on the bottle of the medicine.  I tried the Sharpie, but with the red bottle, I didn’t feel like my oldish sharpie was dark enough. My son is taking his medicine for 10 days 2 times a day starting on the 12th.  I made 2 columns, one for am and one for pm and listed the dates down the side.  Now my husband and I can keep track of  when we gave him his medicine to make sure neither of us are double dosing him and that the child is actually getting all of the doses of the medicine so it can be most effective.

keeping track of your child's medicine doses, #medicine, #sick, #antibiotic, #child, #parenting, #medicinesafety, #chart

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walgreens store front

The new Walgreens December 2014 Coupon Booklet (aka IVC ~ instant value code) is available and can be acquired in the store.
These coupons are valid through 12/31/14, and because they’re Walgreens store coupons, they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.

  • $2/1 A+D Zinc Oxide Cream or Ointment
  • $3/1 Abreva Cold Sore Relief
  • $2/1 Aleve Liquid Gels, Tablet or Caplets
  • $1/2 Alka-Seltzer Antacid
  • $3/1 Almay Face Cosmetics
  • $2/1 Almay Makeup Remover
  • $0.50/1 Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue

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Other Mothers Quarter Sale, hope to see you there

TODAY is the QUARTER SALE it is best to get their early, but they are putting out new bags all day long… so head to town and see what deals you can find.

December Quarter Sale at Other Mothers Nampa
It’s time for Quarter Sale! Friday 12/5 and Saturday 12/6 10am – 5pm
You do the math! The Quarter Sale is the ultimate way to clothe your family and save a ridiculous amount of money! Sale starts at 10am and runs until 5pm. And, of course it’s 2 bucks at 2 o’clock. Whatever is left on the tables is up for the taking. Just 2 bucks to fill out a HUGE bag!

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frozen inspired ornament, #frozen, #olaf, #movie, #snowman, #ornament, #thriftycraft, #frozenornament, #moviecraft,  #frozen

Frozen Inspired Ornament, Melted Olaf

If you haven’t heard of the Disney movie Frozen you probably don’t have any little people living in your house this past year!  If you have, you will understand just how popular this movie has become.  In our house our favorite character is Olaf.  Arguably he makes the movie!

One of the best lines he has is when he says “some people are worth melting for”.  I have seen some ornaments using that phrase and wanted to put my own spin on it!

You will need

white craft paint

fake snow or glitter

glass ball ornament

small black beads

orange craft paint

skewer (to cut off the end for the nose)

2 small branches (I got mine off of a wicker type wreath)

black vinyl, sharpie or letter stickers for saying

Begin by taking the top off of your ornament and squirting in some white craft paint.  You want to coat the bottom, but not have it all up the sides.  Let it dry for a while and add some fake snow, or glitter to give it some texture.  Then let it continue to dry.

frozen inspired ornament, #frozen, #olaf, #snowman, #movie, #ornament, #moviecraft,#thriftycraft, #frozenornament, #frozen

While that is drying, paint the end of your skewer orange.  Set it where it can dry.  I balanced mine on the top of my paint bottle and put paper under so if it dripped it would catch it.

Once the skewer has dried cut off the end for your carrot nose.  You can paint the cut edge now if you would like or leave it.

Once your ornament has dried a while, drop in your 2 branches, your carrot nose and 2 beads for the eyes.  You should be able to wiggle it around a little to place them in different spots if you don’t like where they landed.

If you are cutting your saying out of vinyl, be sure to make it small enough to fit on your ornament.

frozen inspired ornament, #frozen, #olaf, #snowman, #movie, #ornament, #thriftycraft, #frozenornament, #moviecraft,  #frozen

My vinyl was cut 2 inches.  Also, if you can weld your letters together, it makes it easier to apply with such a small space.  And consider using a font that isn’t perfectly straight, it helps hide imperfect spacing better!

A trick I use when applying vinyl to the rounded ornaments is to apply in small sections.  So instead of transferring the whole saying at once, I cut and placed each line separately.

frozen inspired ornament, #frozen, #snowman, #olaf, #movie, #ornament, #moviecraft,#thriftycraft, #frozenornament, #frozen

You are done. You can place the top back on your ornament and hang it, or add some ribbon for a bow if you would like!

frozen inspired ornament, #frozen, #ornament, #olaf, #movie, #snowman, #thriftycraft, #frozenornament, #moviecraft,  #frozen

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Tactical Ammo DIY Christmas Ornament, perfect for the outdoors man, hunter, shooter in your life. Man or Boy  Christmas Ornaments for those who love their gunTactical Ammo DIY Ornament 

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Local readers you know one of my favorite places to shop is Other Mothers/ Trendy Trades in Nampa Idaho.  Well here are three more reasons so shop at a store that already has crazy good prices.  They have just released 3 new coupon to save you money. Print yours then make sure you share this link with your local friends so they can save too.

 Something for everyone, please note these coupons can not be combined on the same item. Other Mothers 15 percent coupon for November

Receive 15% off any one item when you buy two of equal or less value

Other Mother Nampa buy back Halloween costume coupon

Now thru November 31, 2014 buying back lightly used Halloween Costumes, get an additional 15% in store credit or cash.

Other Mothers Holiday coupon for November

November 10th thru November 30th receive a 10% discount off Holiday apparel.

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Duracell Quantum batteries are the only batteries with a Hi-Density Core.

They have unbeatable power!

They are guaranteed for 10 years in storage.

Duracell Quantum batteries – $6.37 (Walmart)


 $0.50 off ONE Duracell Product


Check out the money saving coupons below …


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