White Chocolate Andes Layered Fudge ~ Christmas Recipe

 White Chocolate Andes Layered Fudge by Tiffany I absolutely LOVE this time of year! I enjoy the fellowship with friends and family, the Christmas parties, the...

Snowman Treats~ made out of donuts

Creative Gift and Party Ideas posted this adorable idea.  PERFECT for all you folks that do not like bake but want to make a...

Easy Christmas Recipes ~ Pecan Rolo Pretzels

I posted about these Pecan Rolo Pretzels  last year... and thought I would share the recipe again, since they are one of my personal favorites.  We can...

Christmas Rice Crispy Wreaths Recipe / DIY ~ Family Fun!

Christmas is such a great time of year to make Yummy treats! My husbands favorites are Rice Crispy Treat, Here is a fun way to transform...

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