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Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall,  #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts


Fall Corn Craft~ Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

Here is a fun craft to make for the kids to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat Reese’s Pieces?!

You will need

Reese’s Pieces candy

Snack size Ziploc bags

Brown paper lunch bags

Twine or ribbon



Fall Corn Snack, #reesespieces, #fall, #corn, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Begin by filling your snack bags with Reese’s Pieces.  When they are full, tape the “closure down to the bottom of the bag.  For the top of your ear of corn, you will want to tape the closure at an angle to prevent it from showing.  If it isn’t completely smooth underneath, that is okay, it won’t show other then the very top.

Grab one brown paper lunch bag.  Open it up and cut down the side seams to cut in half.  Cut off the bottom.

Fall Corn craft, #reesespieces, #fall, #corn, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

You should end up with two equal pieces.  At the top of each of these cut 3 lines about 2-3 inches down.  Now you are going to want to take each of those 3 sections and give them a slightly pointy look.  Just trim the sides of them so they resemble a corn husk, not so much a brown paper bag.

Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall,  #paperbags,  #ziploc, #thanksgiving,  #twine,#crafts, #easycrafts, #halloween,#thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Take your baggie of Reese’s pieces and place them in the center.  Make sure your corn husks are a little taller then your baggie, but not a huge difference.  Bunch up the brown paper bag at the base of your snack bag and secure together with a piece of twine or ribbon when you have it positioned the way you want. You should have quite a bit of brown bag hanging over the bottom, that is okay.  We are going to trim it off once your bags are tied together.

Fall Corn craft, #reesespieces, #fall, #corn, #twine, #ziploc,#paperbags, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Fall Corn craft, #reesespieces, #thanksgiving,#fall, #corn, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

There you have it!  An easy and fun way to celebrate the season!

Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall,  #paperbags,  #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #twine,#crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

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instagram.jpgpicmonkeyOnly 4 Ingredients!
So Easy that my 7 year old made them, and so can you!

Ingrdients 1.jpgpicmonkeyIngredients:
1 Spice cake mix
1- 15 ounce can of pumpkin (or 1 ¾ cup of pumpkin)
½ cup of apple sauce
1  package of chocolate chips

Mixture with chips.jpgpicmonkeyPut all the ingredients in a bowl and stir.

cookies on the pan.jpgpicmonkeySpray the pans with nonstick spray.
your finger in the dough and mark the pan where you want the cookie to go.  

This helps the “little chef” space the cookies properly.
Bake at 350° for 15 minutes.
Let cool and eat!
final cookies 2.jpgpicmonkey

 This recipe came from the Hostesses of a Halloween Party our family attended in 2013.


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Mummy in a can Gift

A Boo – Lishes Carmel Corn

Quick and easy Halloween treat idea

Thanks to Marcee for passing along this Super Thrifty gift Idea.


*Metal Cans
*Glue gun
*Toilet Paper
*White Paper
*Black Marker
*Plastic Bread bags
*Carmel Popcorn (Recipe below)
Quick and easy Halloween treat idea 1

Carmel Popcorn Recipe

5 quarts (or 3 times with the air popper)
1 cup of butter
2 cups of brown sugar
½ cup of Karo Syrup
½ tsp. of Salt
1 tsp. of vanilla
½ tsp. of baking soda

I make the popcorn in an air popper. I use two bowls. The first bowl is used for catching the popcorn; once the popcorn is finished popping the first time. I stop the machine. I shake the bowl so all the unpopped seeds fall to the bottom. I than scope up the popcorn from the 1st smaller bowl in to the 2nd larger bowl. I do this 2 more times with the air popper.
Quick and easy Halloween treat idea 2

I than melt the butter in a large pan on the stove top; once butter is almost melted; I add the brown sugar, karo syrup, and the salt; stir and turn the heat up so that the mixture boils. Once the mixture begins to boil, do not stir for 4 minutes. Once the mixture has boiled for 4 minutes remove from heat and add the soda and vanilla. Stir again. The soda will make the mixture bubble and turn a yummy golden color. Pour the mixture over the bowl of popcorn. Stir the mixture and the popcorn together. A REALLY large bowl helps. Stir until the mixture is attached to the popcorn. My kids like to eat it now, yet it will not stay for a long time unless the popcorn is baked. If you plan to store the popcorn, than you need to bake the popcorn.

Quick and easy Halloween treat idea 3

You will need two large cookie sheets with sides on them. Put ½ of the mixture on each pan. Bake for an hour on 400 degrees. Stirring every 15 minutes, take out of the oven and let the popcorn cool.

Start with a used metal can from soup, beans, or anything. Make sure the inside of the can is not sharp. (If it is, please smooth it out with a pair of pliers.)

Warm up the glue gun. Next tear off an arm’s length of toilet paper. When the glue is ready, apply a nickel size amount of glue to the back side of the can. (The back is the side where the manufacturers attached their labels) Carefully attach the beginning of the toilet paper to the top of the can. Then wrap the toilet paper around the can until it is at the end. Glue the end of the toilet paper to the can. Spread the toilet paper out so the metal is showing. On some cans I added more glue to keep the toilet paper from slipping.

Quick and easy Halloween treat idea 4

I than drew two eyes and colored the iris in with black. I drew the eyes looking in different directions for fun. I cut the eyes out and attached them to the can with the hot glue.

 Quick and easy Halloween treat idea 5

I insert a bread bag (found at Wal-Mart) in the can. I than put the popcorn in the bag while the bag is in the can, I fill until the popcorn is over flowing and I tie the bag shut with a knot. It makes the mummies look at if they have a hat on.

My family selects another family to drop these gifts off too. I park the car down the block; one child rings the doorbell and runs. The kids like to hide outside the house to see the reaction to the recipients faces. We then run back to our car and laugh at how much fun it was. We always leave a note, so they know it is from someone they know.

My daughter wrote the note this year: “You’ve Been Boo’ed”

Quick and easy Halloween treat idea 6

It is a fun family tradition!

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Easy Minecraft Inspired Costumes, #easy, #diy, #halloweencostumes, #quick costumes

Easy Minecraft Inspired Costumes~DIY

Looking for an easy, quick and thrifty Halloween costume?  Does your child love Minecraft as much as mine?  Well then you are in luck!

These costumes were easy and just required a little patience to put together.

For “Steve” (That is the main character’s name on Minecraft) I started making my own head out of paper and a box.  It was awful.  Didn’t look like him nearly as much as I would’ve liked.  Not to mention that my son hated it! ( Thankfully he was gentle on my feelings and didn’t say it quite like that ;). )  So I had to find a plan B.  I found this printable here.  I would recommend taking it to a print shop to get high quality prints and so you don’t waste your ink! Get it printed on thick photo paper, or cardstock.  Once I had my head put together  TIP: allow yourself some time.  The ends of my prints were cut off so some of the pieces were shorter then they should’ve been so it took some playing around to get it attached just right.  Use glue (I used Mod Podge so I could brush it on how I wanted it,  and get a good hold) to attach your pieces.

That website also has a link to some tools for your Minecraft character to carry around.  We chose the pick ax that he posted here.  We found this incredibly confusing to put together, if you do too, in his comments is a link to a you tube video he made with detailed directions.  It helped a lot!  Put on a blue shirt, jeans and grab your pick ax and they are ready to go!

Minecraft costume, #easy, quick, #costume, #halloween

My next son wanted to be a ghast.  Yes a ghast.  Apparently they aren’t called ghost like I thought they were.  I found a square box.  Everything in the Minecraft world is cubes.  I covered the box in white butcher paper.  Wrapping paper or craft paper would also work.

For him I cut a large hole on the top of the box for his head.  You don’t want it to be so big that it falls off of their shoulders.  Also cut 2 holes in the sides for arms.  I used round lids for my patterns and a box knife to cut them out with.  For extra protection from getting ripped, I put clear packing tape around the openings, just to help keep them protected from being ripped.   After all, kids aren’t know for being gentle on things!

Black paper would work for the face, but I used scraps of vinyl that I had.  Electrical tape would also work great!  Add some white streamers to the bottom, a white shirt underneath, and your little ghast is ready to go!

Minecraft ghast costume. #easy, #quick, #halloween costumes

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trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, #trunkortreat, #halloween, #easy, #thrifty


Trunk Or Treat~ Easy Way To Decorate Your Trunk

Looking for a quick, last minute idea to decorate your car for a trunk or treat? If you don’t know what a trunk or treat is, that is where you meet in a parking lot with a group of people and go trick or treating to each vehicle.  Its easy, quick and safe (no worries about your kids out walking on the dark streets where a vehicle may not see them).

This face was done in minutes and gives my boring trunk some personality.

You will need:

3 paper plates

black paper






trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, #halloween,#trunkortreat,  #easy, #thrifty

Begin by using your ruler and pen/pencil to divide one of the plates into quarters.  Then cut them.  These will be your teeth.

trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, ,#trunkortreat,  #easy, #thrifty#halloween

Set the teeth aside and begin on your eyes.  I traced a small bowl on my black paper to get my inner eye.  Trace, cut, and then glue one black circle to each of your remaining paper plates.  There is your eyes.

Tape them on the back of your car and you are ready for the trunk or treaters!

Happy Halloween!

trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, #halloween,#trunkortreat,  #easy,#car #thrifty

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