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Thrifty Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  I think for many of us, we don’t think about what we will put on the table to dress it up.  We are too busy thinking about what we are going to put on the table to eat!  Lets face it, once you have spent the money on the feast, there isn’t a lot left over for accessorizing.  These center pieces are simple, attractive, and you can use all of the products again for something else.  No worries of hot gluing your Mason jars.  Just pull out what you have and its easy clean up when the meal is over!

What you will need:

Wide mouth pint size jars

Hurst Ham beens 15 bean soup (1 bag did 2 jars for me)

LED tea light candles


Embellishments you may want to add to the outside of your jar.  Could be buttons, leaves, ribbon, whatever fits your decor

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Begin by wrapping some twine around the mouth of your jar.  Wrap it several times, until it looks good to you.  I went around about 15 times.  Tie in a knot or a bow.  The twine doesn’t like to tie, I discovered, but if you double knot it, that should help. I frayed the ends of mine a little by just playing with it between my fingers.  If you would like to add embellishments, now is the time.   Be sure that you glue them only to the twine if you want to use your jar for other things later.

Pour in about half a bag of your dry bean soup.  Make sure you leave room for your tea light.  Half a bag filled up to almost the rim for me.  Pretty much the perfect spot.

thrifty Thanksgiving centerpieces, #thrifty, #thanksgiving, #centerpieces,  #fall, #thriftydecor, #thanksgivingtablescape,#thriftycrafts

Top with an LED tea light.  I found some with glitter!  I love sparkle, and thought it added a little something to this simple craft.  Now your centerpiece is ready.  Its safe (no flame), attractive and reusable.  Pat yourself on the back for being thrifty and pulling off a beautifully decorated table!

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Ice Cream Cone Cornucopia Snacks~Thanksgiving Snacks

Here is another quick, yet adorable snack to add to the kids table at your Thanksgiving feast!  How about  making them this week when the kids get out of school to celebrate the Holiday weekend?  I know my kids loved them!

You will need:

Sugar ice cream cones


Cup of warm water


Filler for your cornucopias (we used trail mix)

Plastic wrap to cover

Ribbon, twine, or something to wrap around the plastic to keep it closed

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #icecreamcone, #cornucopia,#fall, #cornucopiasnacks, #thanksgiving,#trailmix, #thanksgivingsnacks,   #diy, #thriftysnacks

Begin by getting a small cup of warm water.  Take your straw, dip it in the water, and hold the end to trap some warm water inside the straw.  Dump that into the inside of your sugar cone.  While that softens it up from the inside, dip the outside bottom 1- 1 1/2 inches into the warm water.  Hold there for 20 seconds.  Place in the microwave for 20 seconds.  When it is done, promptly remove it and gently curl it around your straw.  Hold there for several seconds before sliding the straw gently out of the curve.

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #cornucopia,#icecreamcone,  #cornucopiasnacks, #thanksgiving, #thanksgivingsnacks, #fall, #trailmix, #diy, #thriftysnacks

Let the cones set for a few minutes to give it time to harden up a little.  Fill it up with something yummy.  We used trail mix from the bulk section at Winco.

Rip off a small amount of  plastic wrap and gently wrap it around the opening and tie it off with some ribbon, twine, or something cute to keep it shut.

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #cornucopia,  #cornucopiasnacks, #icecreamcone,#thanksgiving, #thanksgivingsnacks, #fall, #trailmix, #diy, #thriftysnacks

ice cream cone cornucopia snacks, #icecreamcone, #cornucopia, #cornucopiasnacks, #thanksgiving,#trailmix, #thanksgivingsnacks, #fall,  #diy, #thriftysnacks

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Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall,  #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts


Fall Corn Craft~ Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

Here is a fun craft to make for the kids to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat Reese’s Pieces?!

You will need

Reese’s Pieces candy

Snack size Ziploc bags

Brown paper lunch bags

Twine or ribbon



Fall Corn Snack, #reesespieces, #fall, #corn, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Begin by filling your snack bags with Reese’s Pieces.  When they are full, tape the “closure down to the bottom of the bag.  For the top of your ear of corn, you will want to tape the closure at an angle to prevent it from showing.  If it isn’t completely smooth underneath, that is okay, it won’t show other then the very top.

Grab one brown paper lunch bag.  Open it up and cut down the side seams to cut in half.  Cut off the bottom.

Fall Corn craft, #reesespieces, #fall, #corn, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

You should end up with two equal pieces.  At the top of each of these cut 3 lines about 2-3 inches down.  Now you are going to want to take each of those 3 sections and give them a slightly pointy look.  Just trim the sides of them so they resemble a corn husk, not so much a brown paper bag.

Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall,  #paperbags,  #ziploc, #thanksgiving,  #twine,#crafts, #easycrafts, #halloween,#thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Take your baggie of Reese’s pieces and place them in the center.  Make sure your corn husks are a little taller then your baggie, but not a huge difference.  Bunch up the brown paper bag at the base of your snack bag and secure together with a piece of twine or ribbon when you have it positioned the way you want. You should have quite a bit of brown bag hanging over the bottom, that is okay.  We are going to trim it off once your bags are tied together.

Fall Corn craft, #reesespieces, #fall, #corn, #twine, #ziploc,#paperbags, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

Fall Corn craft, #reesespieces, #thanksgiving,#fall, #corn, #paperbags, #twine, #ziploc, #halloween, #crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

There you have it!  An easy and fun way to celebrate the season!

Fall Corn craft, #corn,#reesespieces, #fall,  #paperbags,  #ziploc, #thanksgiving, #halloween, #twine,#crafts, #easycrafts, #thrifty, #thriftycrafts

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instagram.jpgpicmonkeyOnly 4 Ingredients!
So Easy that my 7 year old made them, and so can you!

Ingrdients 1.jpgpicmonkeyIngredients:
1 Spice cake mix
1- 15 ounce can of pumpkin (or 1 ¾ cup of pumpkin)
½ cup of apple sauce
1  package of chocolate chips

Mixture with chips.jpgpicmonkeyPut all the ingredients in a bowl and stir.

cookies on the pan.jpgpicmonkeySpray the pans with nonstick spray.
your finger in the dough and mark the pan where you want the cookie to go.  

This helps the “little chef” space the cookies properly.
Bake at 350° for 15 minutes.
Let cool and eat!
final cookies 2.jpgpicmonkey

 This recipe came from the Hostesses of a Halloween Party our family attended in 2013.


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turkey leg Thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #craft, #snack, #popcorn, #paperbag


Turkey Leg~ Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Craft

Looking for a fun, healthy, thrifty snack to tide the kids over on Thanksgiving while they wait for the big feast?  Look no further!  Let them feast on these “vegetarian” turkey legs while they wait!

You will need:

Brown paper lunch bags

1 sheet of white printer paper (per turkey leg)

glue, tape or hot glue



Pop your popcorn and let it cool so you can touch it.  Put a couple of cups (I didn’t measure an exact amount) inside your brown paper lunch bag.  After you have filled it, form the bag so it is rounded, like a turkey leg, not squared like a lunch bag.  and cut off about 2 inches off the opening.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #kidscraft, #diy, #thanksgiving, #craft, #thanksgivingcraft, #snack, #popcorn, #thrifty, #thriftycraftidea, #paperbag

Now holding your paper so it is tall, not wide, cut 7 inches off and roll that.  Mine was between 1 1/2-2 inches thick.  Glue along the seam.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #craft, #popcorn, #thrifty, #snack, #paperbag

With the remainder of your paper, you will want to cut 2 1/2 inches off.  Same direction as your 7 inches.  This will need to be the same width as the other tube you cut, as it will be fitting on the end of it.  Roll it, glue the seam, and then cut strips about an inch down.  You will have about 3 layers of your tube, Just cut all 3 layers at once.  Glue this to the end of the other tube.

Take a pencil and begin to roll these little strips outwards like this.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #turkeyleg, #kidscraft, #thriftycraftidea, #popcorn, #paperbag, #snack

Stick the other end of your “bone” into the paper bag.  You can now use a small amount of glue to seal it.  I did it holding the bag upside down and gluing as close to the edge as I could to keep the food and the glue from touching.  I don’t know if it matters with hot glue, but I didn’t want to take any chances.

turkey leg thanksgiving craft, #diy, #kidscraft, #turkey, #thanksgiving, #craft, #snack, #popcorn, #paperbag, #thriftycraftideas, #holidaycrafts

Hold it there and let it dry for a minute.  That is it!  You are done!

turkey leg Thanksgiving snack, #diy, #thanksgivingsnack, #thanksgiving, #snack, #popcorn, #paperback, #kidcraft,

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4 cups eggnog
2 Tablespoons butter or margarine
4 eggs
1cup sugar
½ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
6 cups soft cinnamon bread (this is a little less then a loaf of bread)
1 cup raisins
(The recipe shown below in the pictures was doubled)

ingredients 4.jpg-picmonkey

Heat oven to 350° F.
Put bread crumbs and raisins in a 13 x  9  baking dish (push down the bread so that the cup is full)
bread in pan 2.jpg-picmonkey

Put eggnog in a sauce pan on the stove.  Scald the eggnog (scalding is to bring to almost a boil when it begins to steam).
Then add butter or margarine, sugar, salt, and cinnamon to the pan on the stove.
Pour eggnog mixture on top of the bread crumbs and raisins.
Stir gently to make sure all crumbs have eggnog on them.

mixture in pot.jpg-picmonkey

Place 13 x 9 pan in another pan of water. 
I place the 13 x 9 pan on a cookie sheet with sides. I then put both pans in the oven. 
Next, I put hot water in the 2nd pan while in the oven; making a hot water bath.  Less likely for me to spill it.

bread in oven 2.jpg-picmonkey
Bake 40-50 minutes at 350° or until thin knife inserted 1 inch from the edge comes out clean.
Serve warm or cold.
Top with whipping cream, ice cream, powder sugar or
my mother’s favorite served in a bowl with milk on top!

finished napkin 2.jpg-picmonkey!

Original Recipe is from the Betty Crocker Cook book from the 1960′s
I modified the recipe by changing the milk to eggnog,
the regular white bread to cinnamon bread (Franz),
and I doubled the recipe, since I have 2 teenage boys!





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