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Thanks to Free Printable Party Invitations for passing along this adorable FREE  printable pool party invite template.

Do you have a fun Summer Pool Party  planned but need a Thrifty invite?  Check out these adorable FREE  printable pool party invites! Love how cute these are, and the price it even better:)

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Thanks to  Tales of Domestica for this money saving  idea for using  old crayons to make new crayons.  I have never tried this before but have always wanted too… I know my kids would love it!

First step to make new crayons,  you will need to take the paper off your old broken crayons.  Then sort your crayons into like colors.  The kids like it, plus it is great for them to learn to sort and group items together.

Next add like colors into a tin can, or an old pot.  If you use a tin can put it into another pot with water around it to make a double boiler of sorts. Over low heat melt your crayons.

 Once your crayons are melted pour them into the  silicone ice cube trays. Allow to cool then pop from the molds.  Then let your little ones color and have fun with their new crayons.  Who knew it was so simple to make your own crayons.

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Are you looking for a great Cinco De Mayo Recipe…. here is one to try. Thanks to Hot Eats Cool Reads for this  saving money recipe for Easy and Cheap Homemade Salsa. I too am a huge salsa fan.  My favorite is  restaurant style salsa so this recipe has me all excited :)
I love salsa. The stuff from the stores just doesn’t cut it though. We eat alot of Mexican food at our house and buying fresh tomatoes to make a batch of salsa sometimes isn’t affordable. That’s where this recipe comes in. It is so CHEAP! It uses canned tomatoes instead of fresh and it’s even cheaper that the jarred stuff at the supermarket. Not to mention it tastes pretty darn good and you can use so many different ingredients to switch up the flavor! It was also great added in with the Vegetarian Taco Dip recipe. Enjoy!!
What you need:
2- 14.5 oz diced tomatoes (regular or Mexican style)
1 small can diced green chiles
1/4 bunch cilantro
2 cloves garlic
2 whole green onions
1/2 tbsp sugar
salt and pepper
additional add-ins:
anaheim pepper
bell pepper
Mince all ingredients in a food processor except tomatoes. Add tomatoes, pulse a couple more times, or until it reaches the consistency you prefer. Refrigerate before serving!

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Thanks to Saved By Naptime for passing along this thrifty tip with a step by step guide on how she turned an old pair of jeans into an adorable skirt.  She has inspired me to give this a try… and I am not a sewer.


I am always trying to come up with ways to use things in different ways.  We do not have recycling in our area and although it drives my husband crazy I have a constant pile of things that most people would throw out waiting for another life.    So going by the motto Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose…. I created this skirt tonight after doing the laundry and realizing that my son should not be wearing these jeans any longer.

My sons jeans, worn knees.  I could have made into shorts, but I think homemade jean shorts are a little dorky so I came up with something a little cuter.

1.) I cut the jeans to the length I wanted, then cut out the crotch along the seam already there.  You have to cut about an inch up also so that it will fold over nicely.

2.) after you cut the crotch lay it out flat
3.) use one of the extra legs that doesn’t have a hole to cut two extra pieces to patch in the empty triangle created in the front and back.
4.) I sew these on right under the existing seams with brown thread so the stitching is almost non-existent.

5.) From here you can serge or zigzag the edge and turn it up for a hem.  I like the frayed look so I stitched about an 1/8″ from the edge to stop the fray then threw it in the wash to get a good fray on the edge.  You can see the patch job on the triangle in the bottom of the picture.

6.) to add a fun edge cut a strip of fabric to the length needed.  I cut a 5″ strip longer than needed so I can add a few ruffles then fold it over, iron and serge the edge.

7.) after trimming the loose frays from the washing I pinned on the trim and stitched right along the same line I made the first time. Here is a pic of the outside and inside.

Thats it, a finished skirt!  It took a little under 20 minutes to construct (obviously wash time not included) and cost nothing since I had the extra fabric laying around. I used a second 5″ strip made into a belt to give it a fun look.

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Thanks to Passionate Penny Pincher for passing along this thrifty and creative idea to use Chalkboard Contact Paper to make the inside of your cabinet doors a chalk board.  First off I had no idea Chalkboard Contact Paper or Gowrite Dry Erase Paper  even existed… But my mind is swirling with all the creative ideas I could make this it!  Love this idea and hope you enjoy it as well.

Chalkboard Contact Paper, 18? x 6? $7.84

Gowrite Dry Erase Rolls, 18? X 6 Feet, White, ( if you want to do dry erase instead) $13.80

Here’s what you’ll need ~

  • Chalkboard Contact Paper
  • Scissors to cut contact paper to size
  • A plastic card to smooth down any bumps
  • Chalk

And here’s how to do it . . .

  • Cut contact paper to fit board.
  • Smooth down with credit card (I actually used the card to smooth it down with, and then creased it very tightly in the corners. The card did the cutting too!)
  • “Cure” the contact paper by using the flat side of the chalk and completely covering the contact paper
  • You’re all done! You could also add vinyl letters to write “menu” and “grocery list”


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Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cakes on poka dot paper, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake
Easter is a fun time of year to celebrate with food and family
One cake mix makes 2 bunny cakes.
I made one out of coconut and the other out of marshmallow,
since not everyone likes coconut as much as I do.
This was super easy and fun to make!
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake ingredients, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake
One cake mix -Any flavor
Frosting in a tub (I made mine with powder sugar-
this way my little fingers in the house do not eat the frosting. lol)
Jelly beans
Green Food coloring
Pink construction paper
Red licorice (if you desire whiskers)
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake mix, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeMaking the Cake
1st…Make the cake mixes following the direction on the back of the box (I usually substitute apple sauce for oil)
2nd…Grease and flour 2 pans (either 8 or 9 inch pan) and bake using the instructions on the box.
3rd…Take cakes out of the pan and put on a cooling rack.  Put in the freezer.
I made these cakes in the morning while I was cooking breakfast, and I finished the cake after dinner that same day. This way I can frost and decorate on my time!
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow dying coconut, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake, #dyingcoconutWhen the cake was baking, I made the green grass for the bunny to lay in.
How to make Green Grass Coconut
1st… Put 1 cup of coconut in a container with a lid.
2nd… Put 5-8 drops of green food coloring on top of the coconut.
3rd…  Put lid on the container and shake.
4th…Wow! Coloring coconut was that simple, and no mess!
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow instructions, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeAssembling the Bunny Cakes
1st… Place the cake down and cut in half.
2nd…Frost both sides of the halves.
3rd…Put the halves together and place on the platter you will be using to display the cake
4th…Cut a piece out of the front and frost the piece.  Put the frosted piece on the back for the tail.
Since the cake is cold, it frosts easily.
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake with coconut, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeFrost the Cake
Frost the outside of the cake, since the cake is cold; it frost easily.
Once you have frosted the outside and the frosting is drying, apply the coconut or the marshmallows.  Don’t let the frosting dry or the coconut or marshmallows will not stick.  Place the coconut or marshmallows in the palm of your hand and press on the cake.
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake ear making, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcake
The Ears
1st…Cut out the ears.
2nd… Pinch the ears at the bottom.
3rd…Cut a slit in the top of the cake were you cut a piece of cake out.
Slice from back to front.  Slide the ear bottom in the slit area.
All done…Now it is beginning to look more like a bunny and less like a car.  (As my kids say)
Easter bunny coconut or mashmallow cake the face, jelly beans, cake mix, #easterbunnycoconutcake, #easterbunnymashmallowcakeFinishing Up
Now add the jelly beans for a nose and two eyes.  You can use shoe string licorice for whiskers too.
Sprinkle green grass coconut on both sides of the bunny.  Add a few jelly to the grass coconut along side the bunny.

To Make the Bunny Fatter
To make the bunny fatter, you can use all 4- halves side by side to make him wider.

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