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05/06/2010 1:04 pm · 3 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

dolOne of our readers Sara sent us this tip:

In talking with some ladies at church yesterday I was told about a way to get the Sunday newspaper without compromising my sabbath.  The Dollar Tree, here in Washington, sells the Sunday newspaper on Monday for $1.00 + tax.

So if you are one to not purchase things on Sunday, check your local stores to see if they sell day old newspapers. Make sure you check to see if the insert is in the paper before you buy.

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Sara S.
Sara S.

What I forgot to mention is that if you buy the Sunday paper on Sunday in Tacoma, WA its actually $2. So buying it at the dollar tree is a thrifty deal. But I suggest going early in the day because by the time I got there in the afternoon, there were only five newspapers left, all had coupon inserts and all the usual department store ads as well.


In Eastern Idaho (Rexburg and Idaho falls), They dont have a monday paper (for whatever reason), so most places (like walgreens and gas stations) sell the sunday paper on mondays.


In Alabama, we can get the Sunday paper on Sunday with all insers for $1 plus tax.

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