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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Our family started a fun new tradition this year Elf On The Shelf each night our little Elf moves to a new spot in the house.  The kids wake up excited to go see what he has been doing all night while they were asleep.

elf on the shelf ideas, vaccum

On the 16th day our kids found Chub’s the Elf…

Cleaning up the family room and pushing the vacuum around!

elf on the shelf ideas, Funny Elf on the Shelf

Day 1 ~  Elf was sitting on the toilet while Barbie took a bath

Day 2 ~ Chubs the Elf was hanging out with his buddy Mr. Lion and clipping his nails

Day 3 ~ Hanging in a stocking eating chocolate kisses with Mr. Lion

Day 4 ~ Hanging out of a box of oatmeal and doing snow angles with Mr. Lion

Day 5 ~ Wearing Mom’s Ninja Hair and looking very much like a Reindeer in training 

Day 6  ~ Driving a Tonka truck and loading Christmas bulbs he took off the tree

Day 7 – In our house plant, hiding with Sprout from Green Giant.

Day 8 ~ Hanging in the coat closet, with a few of his friends

Day 9 – In our Christmas Tree covered in clean underwear 

Day 10 ~ In the dryer, folded the clean blankets into a little bed for him and a few friends. 

Day 11 – Putting a puzzle together with his friend Elmo

Day 12 ~ Swimming with the Dolphins

Day 13 ~ Sitting on the kitchen counter eating a Ritz cracker

Day 14 ~  On a toilet paper tower in front of the Christmas Tree

Day 15 ~ Rolling down the stairs in a roll of toilet paper

elf on the shelf ideas, vaccum the floor

We are loving our Elf On the Shelf so much that we are going to give one away to one lucky reader.  Each day we will post a new photo of where our silly elf has been.  We invite you to “Name This Photo” by leaving a comment each day in the comment section below. On the 26th we will pick  a  random winner and ship you your very own Elf On the Shelf for next year!

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