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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

case lot sale

Thanks to Brittaney for this question: Paul’s is having their case lot sale going on right now and I wondered your opinion about whether or not items were worthy to buy or not.

Answer: I know many people who do not coupon but instead use the case lot sale as a chance to stock up each year on some of their pantry staples.   It is a quick way for them to save each year without the weekly stress of matching coupons with sales.  It works for them so for that I say great job.

A few of the draw backs are you do have to buy in bulk (not always depends on store) so since the case lot sale is only once a year you have to put a HUGE investment down in one shopping trip. If you have the money now great, but never put it on credit, the interest you have to pay will defeat any saveing you may see.  I know many who use their tax return each year to purchase case lot items and it works for them.  Also often you are buying store brand, so if you are brand loyal you may not be happy with the selection offered at your store.

That being said I think many of the price below are rather good (not rock bottom but good), and if it is a product your family uses worth stocking up on.  Yes you may find some of these items much cheaper throughout the year with coupons but you can just add them to your pantry and know not to purchase them next year.

 I would LOVE to hear READERS FEEDBACK…. what do you think of these prices?

Here is the current case lot sale items: (all of these are the western family brand)

15 to 15.25oz Canned Fruit, peaches, pears, apricots or fruit cocktails 24 ct for $20
14.5 oz Canned Tomatoes (crushed or diced) 24 ct for $13.20 = $.83 a can
11 to 15.25oz Canned Corn or Green Beans 24 ct for $13.50  = $.56 a can
15 oz Canned Beans (kidney or pinto) 24 ct for $13.50  = $.56 a can
15 oz Canned Mushrooms (stems and pieces) 24 ct for $13.50 = $.56 a can
48 oz Spaghetti or Macaroni 8ct for $23.00 = $2.87
Macaroni and Cheese (macaroni or spirals) 24 ct for $10.50 = $.44 a box
32 oz Mayonnise or Salad Dressing  12 ct for $28.00 = $2.33 a jar
24 oz squeeze or 20 oz upside down Ketchup 16 ct for $15.00 = $.93 a bottle
64 Apple Juice or Cider 8ct for $12.88 = $1.61 a bottle
46oz Tomato or Vegatable Juice 12 ct for $19.00 = $1.58 a can
8 oz Tomato Sauce 48 for $15.00 = $.31 a can
5 oz Solid White Albacore Tuna in Water 24 ct for $28.80 = $1.20 a can
Maruchan Instant Lunch 12ct for $3.88 = $.32 each
28-32 oz Bagged Cereal 8 ct for $21.00 =2.63 each
42 oz Quick or Old fashioned Oatmeal 12ct for $22.00 = $1.83 a can
128 oz corn, canola or vegetable oil 4ct for $34.50 = $8.63
Cake Mix 12ct for $11.50 = $.96 a box
12 oz evaporated milk 24ct for $20.00 = $.83 a can
Seasoning Packets 24 ct for $7.50 = $.31 each
16oz Saltine Crackers 12 ct for $16.80 = $1.40 each
15oz Nalley Chili with Beans 24 ct for $21.60 = $.90 a can

For a post we did on Costco Vs Ridleys case lot sale click here.

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So i sent my husband on a mission. after figuring out the prices of the paul's case lot sale, i sent him to walmart to price their Great Value brand prices in comparison to the sale. He said that all but one of them ( i don't remember which) were cheaper in the case lot sale then the great value price at walmart. Some were even 30cents difference, pretty far off! SO that being sad, i think if you can't wait for a sale with a coupon to get these items dirt cheap then the case lot sale at pauls is the way to go!


I think these prices are good if you don't coupon. Some of them are close to what I consider my stock up price but most of them are if I need it now price. Overall I do better with couponing. But if you don't want to coupon and save over basic every day price then I would say do it.


It seems to me that Paul's boneless, skinless chicken breast at $1.79 a pound is a good buy, too.


Lately canned tomatoes have been .50 at FM sales, but just the plain. Pauls has the tomatoes with stuff in them (like green chili, oregano, etc) and if you compare that to buying another brand, like Rotel, they are cheaper and in a bigger can. I know some of their prices are a little bit more than maybe a sale some place else but you don't have to fight everyone else who is trying to get the same deal that week. To me, sometimes that is worth the extra few cents it may cost. I usually spend about $20- 30 when they have thier sale so it doesn't break the bank. And you don't have to buy a whole case. hth


they have their case lot sales twice a year now and again the end of Sept. the beginning of Oct. the pauls on Lake Hazel and Five Mile You do not have to buy by the case just make sure you have your Pauls card to get the sale price.

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