Strawberry Shortcake cookie recipe ~ WinCo has what you need

03/17/2013 10:09 am · 8 comments

by Ingard

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Ingard tried the  Strawberry Shortcake cookies recipe recently and they were a HUGE hit!

Strawberry Shortcake cookies from A Thrifty

Some of you have asked where to find the flavored Craisins.

I was able to find them as well as  a few other ingredients at the Nampa, WinCo.

These are some prices for some of them. In case you are looking for them too.

  • Strawberry Craisins for $3.69/lb
  • Regular Craisins for $3.49/lb
  • Vanilla flavored chips for $2.37/lb
  • Mariana dried sweetened cranberries (6oz) ~ $1.78
    • use $0.50/1 Mariani Dried Fruit Snacks, exp. 3/31/13 (SS 01/20/13)
    • Final price $1.28

Flavored Craisins found on Amazon ~ while they don’t have the Strawberry flavored Amazon has Blueberry, Raspberry and Pomegrante!!!


For the WinCo coupon match up go HERE

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