What to do with your Boxtops codes

05/19/2010 8:03 am · 3 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Are you wondering what to do with your box tops codes from last weeks sale at Albertsons?  My good friend Tami sent me this great info, that may clear up a few of your questions.

box tops

I went to boxtops for education university a couple of weeks ago and Albertsons has this site.  its www.growinglocallearning.com that is where the codes that will print out with this new catalina deal will need to go.  Anyway, if you register then they give you 5 boxtops.  Doesn’t sound like much, but that adds up with multiple people.  And if you refer someone then you get 5 and so do they, even if they don’t register under your school.  It also has coupons to print, which are in addition to the ones on the regular box tops website.  That is double the coupons.  It also has info on any current and soon to be deals for any of their products listed.  It had this weeks deal already listed a couple of days ago.  It is a new site and is trying to get the word out, I just thought with the school budget situation the way it is right now, any little bit helps.  It adds up!  I am the coordinator for our school and we got just over $2000 this year.  I don’t know if you want to post anything about it, but I thought people might be confused if they get the catalina with a code and don’t know what to do with it, I would hate to see them throw them out!


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Yes! Thanks for the post. I also do it for my school. I found two of these on the ground outside Albertson's and snagged them. Just a heads up, my school's date to finish collecting for this year is May 21st...other schools might be soon too, so hurry and get them submitted!


Sorry if this is a double post - I thought that I hit 'submit comment', but nothing came up saying that my comment was waiting moderation... Anyway, did you know that homeschoolers can also sign up to redeem boxtops? Our family of 13 homeschools, and we also RV full-time. We save our own boxttops (and a few friends save them for us too), and we use them to pay for admission to museums or historical sites while we are on the road. If anyone out there doesn't have anywhere they would like to donate their codes to, please consider us ;) We are Faith Homeschool out of Helena, MT (just in case - hehehe!) :)


Also, did you know that homeschoolers can register as a school and collect their own boxtops? Our family of 13 homeschools, and RVs full-time. We use our boxtops for admission to museums or historical sites. If you aren't using your codes, and would like to donate them to a homeschool, we are Faith Homeschool out of Helena, MT (just in case ;) hehehe!!!)

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