Win your very own DREAM LITES …LIVE GUESSING GAME (Now Ended)

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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom


My 2 year old with his Dream Lite

Last August my 5 year old requested a Dream Lite for her birthday.  I was very hesitant to buy one, since $29 for a stuffed animal seemed like the biggest  waste of money ever.  I expected it to be like most toys these days… look awesome on the commercial and break within 2 weeks only to leave my child traumatized and asking for another one.  BUT she was firm and stead fast  that this  is what she wanted…

Much to my surprise her Dream Lite has been amazing.  This soft and cuddly friend provides her the light she needs to NOT be scared of the dark.  It has been stepped on, rolled on, tossed and tugged and is stilling going strong.  It has a timer that turns the light off, so we have only gone thru one set of batteries in 6 months.   I love it is easy to use so my 2 year old can  turn it on, no need to scream for Mom at 3 am 🙂

Long story short I was wrong to judge this toy and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  My son got one for Christmas and my other two kids have requested one as well for upcoming birthdays.  I have given them as gifts as well, and they have all loved them.


You can find these at your local CVS store or online.  They are priced at just $29.99 and make a quick and easy gift next time you are in need of a gift. No need to wait in long longs, make a quick stop and get the perfect gift.  Now here is the exciting part  TONIGHT… yes right now…. we are going to give one lucky reader their very own Dream Lite. 

cvs dream lites


So ARE YOU READY?   You can guess as many times as you want,  I will be offering clues in the comment section of this post if you are having a hard time guessing .  Good Luck!

  • THE Winner will be the FIRST one to comment to guess What Number is under the green owl (between 1-600)
The winners will be announced live, I will need you to send me an email with your shipping address!  The winners will win FREE  Dream Lite (FULL SIZED PRODUCT)  thanks to our sponsor CVS!  Guessing will go live at 9:10 mst, and end once I announce the winner on this post.  Keep updating your screen, . If no one guessed the correct  items we will just draw a winner from the comments left.

1 dream lite number

WOW that was crazy fast.  We were doing our best to keep up.

We have a winner…… LaRitaHigh  she guessed 371

LaRita you will need send us an email ASAP a and let us know were you would like it shipped.  I fyou do not claim your prize we will pick another winner within 48 hours.

Thanks to everyone who played along it was SUPER fast ans SUPER fun.  Thanks again to CVS for sponsoring this giveaway!

number dream lite

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Congrats LaRitaHigh!!


my pc kept freezing i tried that 371 5 mins ago :(

athriftymom moderator

LaRitaHigh.... PLEASE EMAIL US AT: with your mailing address....

athriftymom moderator




athriftymom moderator



athriftymom moderator

WE HAVE A WINNER # 371~~~~~~~~~

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