$100 in P&G coupons

P&G coupon

P&G has a great new coupon book with over $100 in coupons, but you do have to follow a few steps to get it.

  1. Purchase $50 worth of P&G products between 2/1/2010 and 4/15/2010. It says right on the form that this $50 is BEFORE tax and coupons!!
  2. Circle the P&G products on your original receipts. {You can have more than one receipt!}
  3. Mail the form and your original receipts to: P&G Year of Savings, Dept. M, P.O. Box 460643, El Paso, TX 88546-0643.
  4. Wait 6-8 weeks for your coupon booklet to arrive. Enjoy!

The rebate form will soon be available here. Go here to see the full list of participating products. There will be a P&G insert in the 2/21 Sunday paper that will also include the rebate form! You can also call 1-877-769-8793 to hear the details of the rebate offer.

Thanks Utah Deal Diva

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