$1.29 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Thru April 4th Cash and Carry has Chicken Breast for $1.29 per pound. Here is the catch, you do need to buy a 40 lb box. It comes to $51.20 plus tax. Cash and Carry stores are located all over the western states. To view there ad click here

My friend Eden called me and asked if I wanted to split a case with her. I was happy to do it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to mess with 40 lbs of raw chicken.
It came in a large frozen box.

Inside are 4 large bags of chicken, all frozen together. You might want to look and make sure all the bags are frozen separate, some of the boxes were one frozen blob. I let my thaw out, half way. It was still half frozen ( took about 12 hours) I could then pull the chicken apart, but it still had ice crystals in it.
These are my 2 bags

These were the biggest chicken breast I have ever seen! They were about 3 times bigger than what I am use to. They did have some nasty fat I had to pull off, but it was easy to do.

Each breast took about 1 minute to clean, and cut. It was well worth the time, These will be easy to pull out of my freezer and cook with. Did I mention they were HUGE!

I bagged them in freezer bags. I was able to get 24 bags of chicken. Each one had 1 large (huge) breast, or a few of them had 3 small (normal sized breasts)

This only took me about 40 mins…..Now I wish I had gotten all 40 lbs!

An individual may shop there. You just have to tell them you are not a business. Then they will charge tax. They cater to business and sell in bulk.

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