Tupperware Christmas Sales and Gift Ideas – 4 days only

If you know me, you know I LOVE Tupperware. I am always watching for a good sale. I was pretty excited to see these Tupperware Christmas Sales and Gift Ideas!  The Classic Mix-n stor  bowls I use every week. But mine is as old as me, and still going strong!  I am also excited about the microwavable reheatable plates  they have the 8 pack for HALF PRICE right now. This  is what my kids eat on everyday, and I this is the first time I have seen them on sale this year!  HURRY sale ends 11/11/ so you only have 4 days to grab these deals!


Tupperware Christmas Sales and Gift Ideas. Order on our  –> ONLINE PARTY  to be entered into the giveaway for a chance to win FREE Tupperware! HURRY sale ends 11/11/ so you only have 4 days to grab these deals!


Includes Classic Mix-N-Stor® Small Pitcher, Classic Mix-N-Stor® Large Pitcher and spatula.

  • Dishwasher safe
    Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Item: 10129857000


The big one is HUGE perfect for popcorn, or big family gatherings!   HURRY this sale is only good till 11/11.

Want a chance to earn some FREE Tuperware products??? We are doing an A Thrifty Mom Online Tupperware party, and if you place your order thru the party link…. we are going to give away  part of the hostess rewards!  So if you place an order you might just be the lucky winner.

To find these Christmas deals.  First go to Erins Tupperware page and join the online party.   The homepage will rotate thru some pictures. But it is easiest to just click on SHOP, then a drop down menu will pull and and scroll down to SALE.  It will take you to a new page,  you should see all the sale items listed there. ANYONE who places and order will be entered into our giveaway for FREE Tupperware products  and part of the hostess rewards giveaway!

Want to have your own Tupperware party and earn FREE products, feel free to contact Erin and book your very own Tupperware party! Booking a party will also give you an entry into our Tupperware giveaway!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own!


  1. I just placed my order. I’m super excited!!! Thanks again for a great job finding these gems!

  2. I want them but not allowed to buy anymore TupperwareU0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62d

  3. I’m flashing back to grape kool aid in these as a kid! They never stained either which is impressive for Kool Aid.

  4. I use to have one of those and I think it melted!! I loved it!! Just bought a glass one…don’t know how well it will work yet!

  5. Your going to break my bank with all these Tupperware deals 😂☺😊

  6. do the numbers stay on? I have an old one that was my mother’s that the numbers you can no longer read

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