2 inserts this Sunday

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This week we will be getting two coupon inserts the Smart Source and the Red Plum, listed below are the coupons that will be in this Sundays inserts.  Please note that these coupons vary by area….larger cities tend to get more coupons.  Or they will be for different dollar value.  But this list gives you and idea of what will be in most areas.

To  learn more about the A Thrifty Mom paper deal click here with the Press Tribune….you will be able to get multiple Sunday papers or theThrifty Mom deal with the Idaho Statesman here.


$10 off Accu-Chek Aviva System glucometer (exp 12/31) 
.55/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce jar (exp 10/18)
.50/1 Barilla Piccolini  (exp 10/18)
$1/2 Barilla Plus (exp 10/18)
$1 off Barilla Tortellini (exp 10/18)
$1/2 Barilla Whole Grain (exp 10/18)
$2 off BeneVia Balanced Nutrition Drink, any one 4pk or any one bottle  (exp 11/30)
.75/2 Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mixes (exp 10/17)
$1 off Bic Multipurpose Lighter or Multi-Position Lighter (exp 10/31)
.50/1 Bob Evans Frozen Breakfast Item  (exp 10/25)
.25/1 Bob Evans Sausage or Express  (exp 10/25)
$1 off Colgate Visible White Toothpaste  (exp 9/12)
B1G1 Cottonelle SoothingClean Tub or Refill  (exp 10/04)
.50/1 Cotttonelle Aloe & E Toilet Paper, 4pk+ (exp 10/04)
$1 off Digiorno Crispy Flatbread Frozen Pizza (exp 10/31)
$1 off Fruit2o Essentials, 18oz bottle OR Fruit2o Natural Fruit Flavored Water 6pk (exp 10/31)
$1/2 General Mills various Cereal (exp 10/03)
Free Glade Scented Oil Candles Refill Pack wyb any Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder (exp 10/03)
$1 off Glade Scented Oil Refill Pack (exp 10/03)
$1 off Glade Sense & Spray Refill  (exp 10/03)
$4 off Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit (exp 10/03)
.50/1 Glass Plus product (exp 11/15)
$2 off GoodNites Boxers, jumbo pack+  (exp 9/27)
$1 off GoodNites Underpants, jumbo pack+  (exp 9/27)
$1/2 Hershey’s Syrup Bottles, 17oz+  (exp 9/30)
$1 off Jarisberg or Jarisberg Lite Cheese, 5oz+  (exp 11/23)
$1 off John Frieda Collection Product, excluding trial sizes and kits (exp 10/10)
$1 off Jose Ole item, 18oz+ (exp 10/15)
$2 off Jose Ole Quesadillas or Empanadas, 16oz (exp 9/30)
$1 off Kotex Pads (exp 10/18)
.75/1 Kotex Pantiliners or Security Tampons (exp 10/18)
.75/1 Mitchum or Mitchum for Women product, excludes trial and special value multipacks (exp 9/22)
.75/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, 4.0oz – 28.0oz  (exp 10/04)
$1 off NatureValley Granola Nut Clusters (exp 10/17)
.50/1 Neosporin product  (exp 11/30)
.40/1 New York Brand Frozen Garlic Bread product  (exp 11/23)
$1 off Ocean Spray Instant Oatmeal 12.1oz box  (exp 10/31)
$1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs  (exp 10/18)
$1 off Oscar Mayer Lunchables Lunch Combinations with Water (exp 10/18)
$1 off Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair  (exp 10/18)
B2G1 Purina Alpo Canned Dog Food, 13.2oz or smaller  (exp 10/05)
$1/3 Purina Alpo Canned Dog Food, 22oz  (exp 10/05)
$1/2 Purina Beggin brand Dog Snack (exp 11/22)
$1/2 Purina Busy brand Chew Treat (exp 11/22)
.55/1 Reese’s Candy product  (exp 10/31) *pictures singles, bags, and minis
B1G1 Reese’s Dark or Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups bar, 1.5oz (exp 10/31)
$1 off Schick Disposable Razor (exp 10/04)
$4 off Schick Quattro for Women or Intuition Plus Razor or Refill (exp 10/04)
$4 off Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, Trimmer, or Refill(exp 10/04)
$1 off Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel  (exp 10/18)
$2/10 SoyJoy Single Bars  (exp 10/31)
$1.25 Spray ‘n Wash Brigh and White only (exp 10/04)
.75/1 Tabasco Brand Family of flavors, any size  (exp 10/04)
$2 off Tylenol 8 hr product, 24ct+  (exp 11/23)
.50/1 WhiteCastle Microwavable Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers, 6pk (exp 11/24)
$1 off Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Cleaning Tool Refill Pack (exp 10/18)
$3 off Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Cleaning Tool Starter Kit  (exp 10/18)
$1 off Woolite Detergent, 50oz+ (exp 10/04)
$1 off Yoplait Delights Yogurt Multipack (exp 10/17)
$1 off Zantac (exp 10/31)
.55/1 Ziploc Evolve Bags (exp 10/17)

RedPlum 8/23

$3/2 Advil, 32ct+ and ThermaCare, 2ct+  (exp 10/31)
$1 off Advil, 40ct+ (exp 10/31)
$1 off Benadryl Allergy Product  (exp 12/31/09)
$1 off Benadryl, Childrens (exp 12/31/09)
$1 off Disney High-Quality Vitamin Products  (exp 10/31)
$1 off Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styling Product  (exp 9/30)
$1.50 K-Y, Monistat Soothe & Relieve Pack, Soothing Care,or Tucks product (exp 11/30)
$3 off L’Oreal Couleur Experte,Frosting, Highlighting, or Blonding Brands, (exp 11/15)
$1 off L’Oreal Preference, any shade  (exp 11/15)
.75/3 Lean Pockets or Hot Pockets brand, 6.5-9oz packages (exp 11/15)
$1 off Meow Mix Dry Cat Food, 3.15lb+ or any Wholesome Goodness Dry Cat Food, 3lb+ (exp 10/31)
$1/4 Meow Mix Market Select Single Cups or Wholesome Goodness Single Cups, 2.75oz (exp 10/31)
$3 off Monistat Yeast Infection Treatment or E.P.T product (exp 11/30)
$1 off Nature’s Bounty Vitamins and Supplements -(exp 10/17)
$1/2 Newman’s Own Pasta Sauces, Salsas, Marinades, Lemonades, or Popcorn (exp 10/18)
.75/1 Newman’s Own Salad Dressing (exp 10/18)
$3 off Olay Definity Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser  (exp 9/30)
$1 off Olay Facial Moisturizer or Facial Cleanser  (exp 9/30)
B1G1 Oral-B Indicator Manual Toothbrush  (exp 9/30)
B1G1 Pure Protein High Protein Bars (exp 10/04)
B1G1 Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations Can  (exp 9/21)
Free Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations Dry Dinners, 5oz Pouch (exp 9/21)
$3 off Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations Dry Dinners, any size (exp 9/21)
$1 off Quaker True Delights Granola Bars  (exp 10/31)
$2 off Rimmel Mascara  (exp 10/31)
$1 off Rimmel product (exp 10/31)
$1 off Snausages Dog Snacks, 10oz+  (exp 10/18)
$1 off SnawSomes! Dog Snacks, 9.75oz (exp 10/18)
$1 off Sundown Naturals Vitamins and Supplements (exp 10/17)
$1.50 Bounce Dryer Bar, excludes dryer sheets (exp 10/04) *Target
$1 off Bounty Paper Towels, 6-roll or larger (exp 9/30)*Target
$1 off Febreze Home Collections Air Care Product  (exp 9/30) *Target
$2/2 Pampers 180ct+ Wipes and Diapers or Training Pants (exp 9/30) *Target
$1 off Swiffer Starter Kit – Sweep & Vac or Sweeper or WetJet (exp 9/30) *Target
$1 off Tide Laundry Detergent, excluding trial size (exp 10/04)*Target
$1.50 Tide Stain Release (exp 10/04) *Target
$1 off Thermacare, 2ct+ (exp 10/31)
$1 off Truvia Natural Sweetener, any size  (exp 11/30)
$2.50 Zyrtec 14ct, 10mg Tablets (exp 9/23)
$4 off Zyrtec 30ct+, 10mg Tablets (exp 9/23)
$2 off Zyrtec Children’s (exp 9/23)
$3 off Zyrtec Children’s Perfect Measure, 10ct (exp 9/23)
$4 off Zyrtec Itchy Eye Drops, 0.17fl oz  (exp 9/23)

Thanks to Southern Savers for the list