2 liter soda .54 cents and FREE MEAT

This is an email from my local  Albertons Manager ( Caldwell Stadium Store)…. Not sure if other stores will have these coupons.  Get there early I am sure they will sell out quick!

Just giving everyone a heads up starting tomorrow the 29th – 31st, coke product 2 liters are only .87 each when you buy 3.  Now we have coupons for save $1.00 for every 3 that you buy that drops them down to .54 each.  It gets even better because we also have coupons  for every 2 that you buy you save $1.00 on grilling meat.  So if you happen to buy 6 bottles of coke product 2 liters for .54 each that comes to $3.24 plus you get 3.00 worth of free grilling meat.  Now this week we have Hamburger for $2.79 lb. and T-bone steaks for $4.99 lb. and also pork Baby back ribs for $2.99 lb. with in store coupon.  Stock up on any of those meat items and fill your freezers.  I hope I did my math right on these 2 liters.  I might be a little off, but it should be close.  Good luck to all and this is only for the 3 days while coupons last

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