$25 Gift Certificate for $4 plus Free $15 Gift

60% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates with code BONUS and pay $4 thru 4/26/09. PLUS $15 Dale & Thomas Gift Certificate FREE.

This is an awesome deal! Find a restaurant in your area that you have always wanted to eat at, but maybe is too expensive, or just your favorite. Buy a gift certificate for $4 and get $25 OFF your meal! Use the code BONUS at check out. After you type in BONUS and purchase at least one $25 gift certificate for $4 bucks. You continue through the check out process. Once you pay and the screen pops up to print your certificates, that is where you will find your Dale and Thomas gourmet popcorn gift card code for $15 off your purchase. Minimum $25 order, expires 4/26pop

Most $25 gift certificates require that you spend $35 on your meal, not including alcohol and tips. Eat your meal, hand over the certificate and they take $25 off your meal. Remember they will add the tip on to the bill, that way you won’t have to leave one at the table. Hurry these don’t last long

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