Idaho Press Tribune coming to your area



Great news for all you Boise Gals, the Idaho Press Tribune is now delivering to the  Cloverdale and Fairview  Area.  Just last week they moved to the Maple Grove/Five Mile Area and South to Lake Hazel.   This is great news for those of you wanting to get in on the A Thrifty Mom Paper Deal.  You will be able to get the daily paper, but on Sundays you will get 4 Sunday paperers for $13.20 a month.  Or you can pay $18.00 a month and get the daily paper plus 6 Sunday papers.  The secret to all my savings has been getting multiple coupon insert, it was hard for me to make the  $13.20 investment the first month…but boy has it paid off!  Last month I was able to save over $1,200.00.  

If you want the A Thrifty Mom Paper deal call Greg at the Idaho Press Tribune ( 208-870-2784) if your area is still not in their delivery area make sure you call him so he can put your name on the list.  With enough calls your area will open up soon.