Readers thrifty trip

A Thrifty MomSo one of our readers is catching on to the Thrifty Bug and sent us this email from her shopping trip last night. Check It Out!!!

I went to Walgreens today, had to return the toothbrush I didn’t get for free. they gave me my money back. and nice about it. ha. So I got 4 boxes of chocolate covered cherries for 4/$10!!! And I got $5 cash back rewards!!!!!!!!! WHOA! Christmas presents it’s tradition. My Dad loves chocolate covered cherries so I’ll give him a couple boxes! ha Only problem is I hope I don’t eat them all before but naw. not 4 boxes but great deal. that’s about 80 cents a box rather then $2.50!!!
Then I went to rite aid. I had a $13 rebate check. So they had a good deal on pepsi’s finally 3/12 plus $2 cash back I believe! whoa. So I got that and I got 2 4 pk rolls of cottenelle toilet paper. 2 for $5. And $3 cash back! So I messed up I bought 4 diet pepsi’s and had to pay $4.10 but I will go back tomorrow. ask if I can just get that one I bought in next purchase!
So I basically got all that for free and $5 cash back in rebates. Isn’t that awesome? I’m going to also use the $5 off the $25 purchase. I got 2 of them. going to stock up on diet pepsi. will be able to buy about 7 12 pks? and get $15 back in cash rewards. and I’ll go back and do a separate purchase for toilet paper the 4pk. I usually don’t do 4pks but with those cash back plus I had 2 50 cent off coupons. it’s a good deal!! :}

That’s the way do do it right? lol…stock up on sales and with the cash rewards!

You bet that’s the way to do it! Good Job Lisa