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40 Easter Favorites

Our Family’s Best Recipes,  Games, DIY Crafts and Traditions

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  Easter time is filled with bright colors, both sweet and savory treats and  fun projects.  In this ebook we have combined  over 40 of our family’s Easter favorites.  Over  80 pages of colorful images and step by step how to guides on  everything from recipes, crafts, games and traditions.  We know you will have so much fun making these recipes and having your family and friends participate in the Easter crafts. I know our family has made so many memories doing each of these activities, crafts and recipes in this book. We loved them all and hope you will love them too. Remember that no matter how they may turn out that the memories created are the most important part of spending time with family and friends. Enjoy your time together and have fun doing all of the sections in this ebook.

An ebook is an electronic version of a book. It can be downloaded and saved to your devices such as a tablet, smartphone, computer and and other handheld devices. You can download it after your purchase in the email link that will be sent to you. Once downloaded you can view it on any of your devices, or print our ebook out in a PDF format to have a hard copy on paper to save if you would like. 

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  1. We did and it was fabulous ! It was worth it! We were just sucked in! I hope you understood that comment ! I just couldn’t stop watching U0001f601

  2. We could only find gel food coloring at the store. It didn’t work alone, so we added water… to instant rice. Not the best idea. Lol. But we still got some pretty eggs… just with a bunch of cracks.

  3. It did Not work with brown eggs. Tried peeling them n shaking, very pretty. But you can’t go hide peeled eggs outside for a hunt. Will try harder next year to fin White ones earlier.

  4. Will try this with brown eggs as New Zealand has few white eggs. Wil let you know how it works

  5. You are welcome!! Now I am trying to come up with a project for the colored rice!

  6. Where are you guys from? We are from Michigan! Frankie is turning 2 in July! His Fontan repair will be sometime this summer!

  7. I tried this with the kids this evening, it was fun and easy and not much of a mess at all. Loved it! Thanks thrifty mom..

  8. Awesome! Last year my not so perfect planning left my 4yo with black dyed hands for our easeter pictures, not this year!

  9. I melted a whole container of ice cream because I was watching your video ! I love this idea! Can’t wait to try ! Thank you ! From mobile Alabama

  10. Did ours this way today!! Thank you so much for sharing thisU0001f604 Brilliant!! NO MESS & the kids had FUN doing it!!!

  11. Great demo and fun family-loved hearing your kids-will try this with my grandkids tomorrow! Thanks a bunch and Happy Easter!

  12. I did this with preschool in plastic peanut butter jars. First in blue rice, then green rice. They were pretty greenish blue. If you shake too hard they will crack. We tried to hold on side and bottom and roll the egg around. Had to keep adding color.

  13. Carolyn Lentz Emily Filbrandt this is what i was telling you ladies about!

  14. So easy to do! I wasn’t able to get white eggs but the darker shell work just as well. My 8 year old boy helped out & he loved it!! Thanks for the idea……will definitely do it again!

  15. Do you know if you can use eggs that are not real? Will it work with them?

  16. Ty so much doing this with my kids and grandkids to 3 autistic boys yes gonna be so much easier ty

  17. I just watched your video and it’s Fantastic, I’m going to do it Sunday with my kids. Keep posting Fun things!!

  18. You can let the rice dry after and mix all the colors for a fun “I spy” container. (Clear plastic container with lid…then add little objects to try and spot as you turn the container.)

  19. This is how my grandsons will be coloring our Easter eggs in Napa, California!

  20. Judy Auker Moffett Jodie Moffett Arreguin this is oddly mesmerizing! I think we should try this tomorrow!

  21. So easy to do! I wasn’t able to get white eggs but the darker shell work just as well. My 8 m year old boy helped out & he loved it!! Thanks for the idea……will definitely do it again!

  22. hey Angela Holmes , we should do this with the girls for eggs on Sunday!!!!

  23. Great, I loved your presentation!! Would love to know about future one so!! ThanksU0001f388U0001f389U0001f430U0001f495

  24. Shari Zywica-Wasik. Y’all will just have to dye more eggs tomorrow, using rice!

  25. Our little ones dyed them with shaving cream and food coloring…they look fab! X

  26. I think the Walgreens sale ends today, Thursday, but check. Aldis is pretty cheap on eggs.

  27. Karla Arias thought you’d wanna try this with Max U0001f60a mess free and fun for little ones

  28. Yazzy Yazzy Amanda Breniser should we try this, I have neon food coloring…..

  29. Great idea! Don’t use ziplock bags!!!! The bottom busted and now there’s rice all over my floor U0001f602

  30. Mix 2 colors in the rice. Take white rice, add blue & red then shake the egg.

  31. Can you continue using the rice, or do you need new rice every time?! Please let me know!!!

  32. I loved the blue and red dyed eggs that turned out a gold and blue green that was really cool

  33. Hello from Sweden thanks you for all the incurable ideas from a kindergarten teacher student. U0001f604

  34. Try mixing 2 colors of dye into the rice
    To make a solid color.
    Purple or Orange

  35. Wow! I am going to try this with my preschool students…Thanks for the idea!

  36. Hello from Kansas!! Great idea! I will definitely try this Saturday with my kids. This will be great especially with my 2 year old.

  37. Does a dry very quick on the rice?how many eggs can you color on how many drops after you color the rice?

  38. How do you keep the shells from cracking? I did this with my kids last year and the eggs came out all cracked.

  39. I wonder if using scotch tape to make designs then shaking it in the rice in food coloring would work

  40. Full of great ideas perfect for making family memories can not wait to start making some with my grandsons.

  41. We are excited to try the melted crayon eggs… Almost no prep and simple, clean, and fun.

  42. Looks like it’s “on sale” for $4.99 Was hoping for another freebie. Some of us just don’t have that extra $4.99 to spend.

  43. I ordered but tried to down load on iPad did not work how do I retrieved. The link again ?

  44. This would help make an amazing Easter for the girls! Rosie Loves the minion eggs!!

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