5 COUPON inserts!!!!

UPDATE***If for some reason you are missing an ad or a coupon insert don’t hesitate to call your paper and let them know.  If you get the Idaho Press Tribune, they are wonderful about bringing you another one. This is another reason I subcribe to the Idaho Press Tribune, if I buy it from the store I am out of luck if something is missing.  But when you subcribe to the paper they take care of you. They have great customer service, I have been so happy with them! Their number is 467-9252

I had reported that we would get 4 Sunday coupon inserts.  But,  Guess what showed up in my paper this morning ……We got 5.  It looks like our area did get the 2nd Red Plum after all!  SO flip through your paper and make sure you pull out all 5 inserts!

My paper also had an Albertsons ad with 3 doubles on it!!!

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