800 pints of Breyers….1020 bottles of BBQ

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I know that many of you are frustrated trying to find Breyers in stock. First off I have to say the stores did not know the coupon was coming so they were not able to prepare for this HUGE volume of people wanting Breyers Pints.  But once again I am SO lucky to have a store that loves to help us coupon ladies out.  My Caldwell Stadium store has ordered 800 pints of Breyers it will be stocked late tonight and ready when the doors open tomorrow.  My store manager is worried that 800 pints will not even last the day….so do not go crazy!  Now the real question is how many of you are going to line up at the door waiting for the store to open????  Not me….I need my sleep more than I need ice cream.

Plus they have ordered 1020 bottles of Kraft BBQ it will be in later with week as well….not sure of the date.

Hope this helps some of you get some great deals!

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