A new month, THREE new samples reset


I love the first day of the month, because many of the free samples and coupons are reset!!!! If you want them hurry before they are gone again. I do not need this for myself, but I am going to get one for my neighbor.  Click logo above to get your free NicoDerm CQ.

This one is back again too…I only lasted a few days last time.  Click logo above to get your Free blood glucose meter.

These are always fun…glad to see they are back again too.  To get your Trial Pair click logo above.

All of these you will have to fill out a few questions, then they will offer you other offers….JUST CLICK SKIP OR NO THANKS you only have to answer the questions you DO NOT need to click on other offers!  They are all pretty short and once you are done take about 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Before you sign up for Freebies it is always go to read my FREEBIES 101 post here.