A white tee that isn’t see through

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A white tee that isn’t see through

I love the look of a white tee. But finding A white tee that isn’t see through is next to impossible. Until now. You can find them right here!

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A white tee that isn't see through

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Have you ever heard of Sexy Modest? She has modest clothes that are still attractive and will make you feel great. Like this white tee that she made because she was tired of not being able to find one that wasn’t see through.

So here it is! The piece I’ve been working on the very longest! A white tee. What’s so great about that?! Well let me tell you! I love wearing a white tee and jeans… in fact it might be one of my favorite go-to outfits, but I hate when you can see through them! And I’ve yet to find a white tee that isn’t see thru! Sooo I made one! Voilà… a white tee that is lined with nude fabric! Just throw it on and go. No more see-thru white tees.
Trust me… it will be your new favorite basic tee.