Albertsons 1-21 thru 27

$1.33 each or less

Total spent $21.00 plus tax
Total saved $36.00
?( $9.00 in manufacture coupons, ?$10.00 General mills ?rebates, $17.07 Albertsons sales price)
I was able to print $9.00 in coupons to go along with these sale items?
I printed them from ? ? ?

All of these items were part of a spend 20$ and get 5$ back instantly sale. ?These sales can be tricky because if you don’t buy the correct sale items you don’t get your instant rebate. ?After lots of trial and error these are a few tricks I have learned that really help:
– only buy the items that are part of the promotion
– stack them in groups of $20 in your cart, only buy groups of 20$ to get your full rebate back
– have your coupons out and in order so you don’t forget to use them
– tell the cashier up front you are buying the promo items and need to make sure they are the ? ? ?right products. ?I shop at the 2 local Caldwell stores, most the cashiers are happy to make sure ? ?you get the correct items to match up with the sales.
– know what your total should be, so if they ring it up wrong you can get it fixed before you drive ? ?all the way home.

Final cost of each product
Toaster Strudel -$1.33 a box
Yoplait YO+ yogurt – 50 cents
Betty Crocker pony snacks – $1.33 a box
GoGurt /Dora multipack ?Yoplait– $1.33 a box
Nature valley granola bars $1.33 a box