Albertsons Ad March 25-31

Albertsons match ups 
Please note that I just list the deals that I think are the most “THRIFTY” So be sure a to check your ad and look for any deals I may have missed. 

Extreme Albertsons in-store coupons ( remember you can use an in-store coupon with a MFR coupon)

Arctic Shores cooked shrimp 51-60 ct. shrimp Limit 2
Ball Park meat franks 14-16 oz. Limit 2 ( also use $1 off 2 coupon from 3/15 red plum insert)
Pepsi and Mountain Dew 12 packs Limit 2
Kraft macaroni & cheese 7.25 oz. Limit 6
M&M’s candy 9.9-14 oz. Limit 2 ( also use the $1 off 2 from the 3/1 Red Plum insert)
Freschetta Brickoven, Naturally Rising, or Ultra Thin pizza 11.8-29.46 oz. Limit 4 ( also use the $1 coupon from 3/1 smart source coupon insert)
Buy 4 Gatorade, get 1 free.  Final price .80 cents each

Strawberries $1.49 a pound  – sold in a 4 lb. package for $5.96

Extra lean ground beef 85% – Butcher Block $1.99 a lb

Meat sale all listed below is $1.88 a pound
Beef 7 bone chuck roast
Boneless beef cross rib roast
Boneless pork shoulder country style ribs, Max Pak
Boneless pork sirloin chops (Max Pak) or roasts
Boneless pork top loin roasts – cut and wrapped free
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, fresh – Butcher Block

Kelloggs  cereal 3 for $5 or $1.67 each ( use .70 cent  off coupon from 2/22 red plum insert)
 buy 7 boxes and get 3 gallons of milk free
buy5 boxes and get 2 gallons of milk free
buy 3 boxes and get 1 gallon of milk free
You will need to pay for your cereal then a Catalina will print out for your milk.
Snapple Antioxidant water 20 oz. 20 for $10 ( .50 cents each)

ONLY .70 cents each when you buy$10 worth
Baker’s dipping chocolate 7 oz.
Jell-O pudding .9-3.9 oz .Use $1 off 3 coupon from here
Kraft Easy Mac cups 2.05 oz.
Stove Top stuffing cups 2 oz.
Taco Bell refried beans 16 oz.
Taco Bell salsa 16 oz.
Taco Bell seasoning
mix 1.25-1.4 oz.
Taco Bell taco sauce 7-8 

Taco Bell taco shells 4.5 oz. Plus Catalina offer below
Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells
Purchase between 3/27/09 & 4/19/09 (Doesn’t start until Friday!)
Buy 2 & get $1 on your next shopping order
Buy 3 & get $2 on your next shopping order

SO if you bought 4 shells it will make them FREE after catalian.   Remember only one catalina will print per transaction so only buy 4 shells and get something else to add up to the $10 mark.
Buy 4 or more & get $3 on your next shopping order

Only $1.40 when you buy $10 at a time
Capri Sun or Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters 10 pack
Jell-O pudding singles 1.37-5.5 oz. 
Jet Puffed Marshmallows 16 oz.
Kraft BBQ sauce 18 oz.
Kraft Tartar, Horseradish, or Sweet ‘n Sour sauce 10 oz.
Planter’s Trail Mix 4-6 oz.
Stove Top stuffing 5-6 oz.

Only $1.75 cents when you $10 worth at a itme

California Pizza Kitchen pizza for one 5.5-7.5 oz.
Chips Ahoy cookies 14.5-16 oz.
DiGiorno FlatBread melts 5.9-6 oz.
DiGiorno Pizza for One 8.4-10.2 oz.
Grey Poupon mustard 10 oz.
Knudsen Cottage cheese 16 oz.
Knudsen Sour Cream 16 oz.
Baglefuls 10 oz ( use coupon here, making them 70 cents each)
Kraft Bistro pasta 10 oz.
Kraft chunk or shredded cheese 6-8 oz.
Kraft Easy Mac 12.9 oz.
Kraft Squeeze Miracle Whip or Mayo 18 oz.
Kraft Velveeta potatoes 10.23-11.75 oz.
Nabisco 100 calorie packs 4.4-8.8 oz. ( use .75 cent coupon from 2/22 smart source)
Nabisco crackers 6.5-16 oz. Ritz, Wheat Thins, or Triscuit ( use $1 off 2 from 3/15 Smart source)
Oreo Cakesters 12 oz. 
Taco Bell dinner kits 11-15.5 oz. Plus catalia deal

Taco Bell taco shells 4.5 oz. Plus Catalina offer below
Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells
Purchase between 3/27/09 & 4/19/09 (Doesn’t start until Friday!)
Buy 2 & get $1 on your next shopping order
Buy 3 & get $2 on your next shopping order

Taco Bell Fiesta Bowl 9 oz.
Taco Bell salsa con queso 15 oz.
Velveeta Shells & Cheese or Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese 9.4-14 oz.

Only $2.09 when you buy$10 worth at a time
Country Time, Tang, or KoolAid canisters 12.3-20 oz.
Crystal Light On the Go drink mix 7-10 ct. package
Jello pudding or gelatin ready to serve/refrigerated ( also use .60 cent coupon from 3/1 Smart Source)
KoolAid singles or Country Time On The Go lemonade 4.32-6.7 oz.
KoolAid Sugar Free mix .5 oz. On the Go or 1.53 oz. canister
Kraft Miracle Whip or mayo 24-32 oz.

Thanks PYP for helps with these match ups

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