Albertsons – Kraft BBQ Sauce for .25 cents

Here is how I did it:
Buy three at once and you will get them for .25 cents each?no coupon needed

Albertsons ad says buy any 3 participating products and save $3 dollars instantly off of chicken. ?But the store manager at the 5 mile and Ustick store told my friend Kim that it takes $3 dollars off weather you buy the chicken or not. ?So I went to my own local store and tried it out. ?Sure enough I bought 3 Kraft BBQ’s and it took $3 dollars off instantly. ?NO COUPONS just Albertsons having a really THRIFTY deal.

Normal price for 3 would be $7.47 ?But I paid only .75 cents + tax?
That’s over 90% off WHAT A THRIFTY DEAL

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