Amazing Princess Dresses for $22.99 (was $69.99) 2 days only.

Order Here—> Cute Amazing Princess Dresses for $22.99 (was $69.99) 2 days only.

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Order Here—> Cute Amazing Princess Dresses for $22.99 (was $69.99) 2 days only.

Product Description

These dresses are truly amazing I personally cannot wait for my Granddaughters to see them! They are very well made and the detail on them is gorgeous!  

These dresses are not only perfect for Halloween, but they are perfect for play and they will make amazing Christmas gifts too!

1. Anna – Blue/Black Pink Shawl 

The design of this dress is totally perfect for the little ones who absolutely LOVE Anna.  The colors are beautiful!  Your little princess will never want to take this dress off!

2. Belle – Champagne Yellow

This dress is absolutely beautiful it’s so pretty that when your little one wears it she is just going to truly feel like a “Princess”

3. Elena – Red Gold White

This little dress also includes the red gloves the tiara and the wand!

4. Aurora – Blue White

There are multiple princesses that wear blue gowns so this dress could easily become a must-have for your little one’s collection. 

5. Sofia – Lavender 

If your little one Loves Sofia she will love this dress the details in the dress are so intricate and make the dress really extra cute!

6. Elsa – Aqua Blue 

This dress is perfect for the little girls that love Elsa it also includes the gloves tiara and wand! 

7. Anna – Green Black

This dress comes with the gloves wand tiara and the hair braids

8. Tiana- Green Ivory Yellow

The details in this little dress are super sweet perfect for when your little one want to pretend to be a “Fairy Princess”

9. Snow White – White Yellow Red Blue

This dress is outstanding the high back collar really makes it stand out.

10. Belle – Gold Champagne Yellow

This set has to be seen to be truly appreciated… it is so fluffy and full you will have a hard time getting your little Princess to take this off! The gloves are also included!

11. Cinderella – Light Blue White

This dress is truly a must-have because it is perfect for Cinderella.  

12 Sophia – Pink

The details on this dress are truly sweet your little one will not only look like a princess wearing it she will feel like one too! This is a great little dress to add to her collection.

13. Cinderella – Royal Blue

This dress is Princess perfect!  Complete with the little butterflies.

14. Elsa – Steel Blue

This is absolutely adorable complete with the fur collar.

15. Anna – Green/Black

The details on this dress are picture-perfect for your little princess

16. Princess Perfect – Light Blue

This dress because it is light blue is a great addition for your little one’s collection.

17. Beauty – Plum Pink Gold White

This little dress is so pretty the details are very well done.

18. Elsa – Aqua Blue Snowflake Cape

This dress is positively adorable our little model wore it home and for the next 3 days!

19. Rapunzel – Lavender Plum

This dress is just precious. The Trim accents on it are amazing and it also has a small Sofia brooch attached.

20. Sofia – Lavender Short

This dress is just precious. The Trim accents on it are amazing and it also has a small Sofia brooch attached.

21. Elsa Pink Satin Cape

This is one of Elsa’s most popular looks she wore this for the coronation – Long Sleeve with detachable pink satin cape

22. Elsa – Green & Pink Flowers

These little dresses truly look adorable on and your little princess will love adding this to her collection.  The long cape with pink flowers is attached to the back of the dress.


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