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candle4Another A Thrifty Mom Giveaway!

Deluxe Scentsy Plug in Candle Warmer


3 Scentsy Bars, a $30 value

DeAnna emailed us and asked if she could sponsor a giveaway of Scentsy products! We totally agreed. We use these and love them. My favorite Scentsy bar is Fresh Cut Cantaloupe. My husband loves anything berry scent! We bought these and have given them to both of our parents, and many friends. We all love them.

For those who have not heard of what Scentsy is, here’s a description. Authentic Scentsy wickless candle bars are incredibly potent bars of highly scented wax. Because a sooty candle is never our problem, we can pack each Scentsy Bar with more fragrance oil than most 12 oz. jarred candles. With over 80 fragrances to choose from, there is one sure to please everyone.
Scentsy wickless warmers are specifically designed to perfectly melt Authentic Scentsy Bars into an impressive wax pool that throws the maximum amount of fragrance over the longest period of time. Scentsy Warmers melt wax at a lower temperature so there is never any danger of burning children or pets. With dozens of colors and styles to choose from, there is a Scentsy Warmer to fit every decor.

candle31You can enter 2 times:

  • Browse her catalog, pick the Plug-In Warmer you would like if you win. On page 6-7 And add one comment HERE ON THIS POST
  • Then pick any 3 scents of the 6 pack “bars”. On pages 17 – 22 And add another comment HERE ON THIS POST

To view the catalog click here to go to her site, and if you can’t read the pages on the site, just download the catalog in PDF format from her site as well.

Now for those of you interested you can actually make alot of money being an independent distributor for Scentsy. DeAnna is a great and loving friend and I can attest she will guide you and show you how to make a lot of money being a stay at home mom. This product is well known here in the west and is easy to sell, but those who live back east…WOW! Join now and show people you know the wonderful products that sell itself. To open up a new area will make you a top distributor in your area, incredibly quick!

Ends 4/26 10pm mountain time

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