Are you looking for Sunday Papers?

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IMG_9573So yesterday when I was doing my shopping I stopped at a few stores that sell the Sunday papers all week, to see if I could grab a few extra copies.  I wanted them for the coupon inserts, but mainly for the 3 double coupons that came on the back of the Red Plum.  They are good till the 21st of this month so I have lots of time to get some thrifty deals with them.  Of course every store I went to was sold out.  My Albertsons said they were gone by noon on Sunday.

I was ok not getting any more being that I already had some at home.  But while I was at the store there must have been 5 people come ask for the Sunday papers.  They were all very disappointed.  I know many of you do not subscribe to the paper because you want to wait to see what is in it first, before you stock up on that weeks paper.  But you then run the risk of having them sell out, You can get 4 Sunday papers delivered to your door, plus the daily paper for only .60 cents a paper!  I was just like many of you, I did not want to pay the $13.20 a month but now that I have I will never go back to buying it from the stores.  I love waking up Sunday morning and seeing my stack of papers on my door step!  For all the details of the A Thrifty Mom paper deal click here!

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