Are your Free samples missing?

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Thanks to Free Sample Freek for this info.  Luckly I have not ever had this problem, I guess I have just been lucky.  But just in cause you have had trouble with missing mial I thought I would pass this  along.


I get questions all the time from readers asking what do you if you think your mailperson is stealing your mail: freebies, magazines, coupons, cards, etc. This happens far to often with the USPS and it is a sad thing. However, the USPS does take this very serious. Tampering with someone’s mail is a federal offense! So, what do you do?? There are several areas that you should consider if you think that this is happening to you. The forms and info I am providing below can also be used for issues regarding your mail being “tampered” with: open, torn, package/letter with all or some documents/items missing. If you make a report they WILL investigate and hopefully all of your problems will be solved. I have heard of people who have gone as far as installing a camera and literally catching mailmen or even neighbors stealing their mail. I would suggest trying the options below first and if nothing changes then installing a camera is another option. I personally would complete every form and make every complaint listed below and follow up on them as well. Keep all documents and records regarding your complaints.

  1. Contact your local Post Office and put in a complaint. They will need your info (name, address, etc.), they can’t help you otherwise. 
  2. Contact your Regional Post Master. You might have to get the contact information from your local post office.
  3. Call 1-800-USPS and file a complaint.
  4. File a complaint via email at the USPS website
  5. File a complaint online with the United States Postal Inspection Service

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