Arrowhead Water deal at Safeway



Thanks Jeanette for this Thrifty Tip

I tried this out and here’s how it worked out at my store ….

I’ve learned about a great catalina deal that is combined with the Living Well promo. Thought I should share.

It’s on the Arrowhead water … 6-pack with pop top … on sale for $1.99/pack. You get a $2 cat back for every 2 you buy. So, here’s how you can ‘roll’ it as part of the LW promo:

Buy 16 packs of water = $31.84
Use a $10 cat from previous deal = -$10
OOP = $21.84

You will get back $26!:
1 $10 cat (living well promo)
8 $2 cats (arrowhead promo)

Then roll it as many times as you want!!

When I went to do it the first time, there were only 2 6-packs left, so I only got 1 $2 cat, but now I know it works, so I have special ordered more water (12 cases) so I can do this deal 3 times. 🙂

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