Aruba vacation- part 3

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So to start off with, many folks have wondered about this trip and if there was any thing that was kind of hookey being that it was free. And they wondered how we won it. Well we won it by an ad we placed on our site for JetBlue, back in fall of 2009. I wondered if it was a legit thing too. We placed the ad, and then after 2-3 weeks I took it off our site because I tried to go back to where I got the ad coding from JetBlue’s promotion site, and the site was no longer. So with no ad, and no way to contact anyone, I forgot all about it till yearly January 2010. I got an email from the JetBlue promotion department and it said “Keep up the good work, you are in the lead with only a few weeks to go”. I was shocked. I could barely remember what they were even talking about, and I almost thought it was a spam email. So I frantically looked back in my files to see if I could find the coding for the ad, and I put it back up on the site for a few more weeks. Then in February we got an email from the promotion department saying we won. Long story short… I still didn’t believe that it was real. So we waited and waited for all of the gift certificates to get mailed and in our hands. Once that finally happened and I was able to review everything it was real!

So what we had won was free roundtrip airfare for two from any JetBlue hub – to and from Aruba. And 3 night stay at the Westin Resort in Aruba. And $800 in rental certificates thru Hertz rental car.

So what we had to pay for was the airfare from Boise to Las Vegas, since JetBlue doesn’t fly into Boise. Also an additional night at the Westin, due to our type of airline tickets could only be arrainged on certian flights and certain days, so it was either stay there and pay for like 6 more additional days to go the week before, or stay only one night more on the week we actually went on. So we had to buy one night. And then we had to buy our own food, and pay for all taxes. We had to pay a little more in rental car fees because …you will see later on another post.

So we finished our self guided tour at Fort Zoutman, thankfully they had air conditioning inside… But we learned a lot about the island, culture, and most of all I think it was the importance of conservation. Since they wiped out their island of trees.(Read part 2 to learn more about that)

So while I was driving around the island, I was taking in all the differences of their country and ours. And I saw something strange that I told Sarah to take a picture of. Notice what is wrong in the photo below?

Yes that is a super large fuel depot tank, filled with gas for the islands capital. It has a great concrete barrier in the foreground with fencing going up nice and tall for protection… So whats wrong with the photo… well it’s the parking lot that was used around the tanks. I don’t think having cars and large vehicles driving with in inches of a huge fuel tank is a good idea! KA-BOOM –¬† I don’t think the feds here would approve of that parking lot.

So on Friday night I had arraigned to go on a sail boat cruise off the shore of Aruba. It was a cruise to see how Sarah would even do on a boat before our snorkeling trip the next day. The sunset cruise was so much fun. We cuddled, talked, and just had fun with each other. There were about 18 other people on this huge catamaran that was probably 45-50 feet long! Personally I have been to the beaches both on the east coast, west coast and in the Bahamas….

But as you might be able to tell in the photo below, my glasses started to develop¬† a crust on the lens. Poor Sarah’s hair became stiff, and thick, and our skin became incredibly sticky as the longer we were out on or even near the water. It was a bit un-nerving to always be sticky on the boats. Not sure if it is just me and Sarah but the salt was intense down there.

So after I noticed my glasses were crusting over, I took them off to get a good photo of us. I love this one below. The birds, the sunset and the pink and purple sky – it is just so fun to be together.

As the cruise came to a close after about two and a half hours out on the sea, and our refreshments that they served became cold, there was a guy throwing the food out to the sea gulls. So I thought to my self I could “show” the city slickers on the boat (many from New York and Boston) how to really feed birds. So I grabbed the cold food, and hung my arm out over the back end of the catamaran. Within a few seconds one bird became brave enough to get close to me and able to keep up with the boat speed and rocking of the boat. These cute little sea gulls with black heads and about half the size of the sea gulls in North America, caught up to me and grabbed the food right out of my fingers. Once he got it, it was as if I had become a celebrity. No one else wanted to try it, but they all wanted to take a picture of the new found “sea gull bird whisperer” that I had become. They all kept taking photos of me and they kept handing me more food to feed the birds. It was fun to be the center of attention, especially since that is so not me. Sarah has the hardest time getting me to be social. Well after feeding the birds, and showing the city folks how to really feed the birds, Sarah and I returned to our cuddling and enjoyed the rest of the cruise home.


Need to catch up on our vacation posts?

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