Barilla Pasta Sauce Only $1.23 At Walmart With New Coupon

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barilla sauce atm

Barilla pasta sauce is made from simple, natural ingredients.

They are made from authentic recipes & use 100% Italian tomatoes.

There are no preservations added so you get the natural flavor of the sauce.

Barilla Sauce – $1.98 (Walmart)


$0.75 off any jar of BARILLA Pasta Sauce


  1. I’m a sahm and am constantly in the kitchen, but it is not “my place”, is my choice

  2. nothing wrong with a woman in the kitchen,I can bring home the bacon & fry it up in the pan!! people are who they are let them b them and u b u…

  3. No barilla here, since the company was openly gay bashing and has said that women belong on the kitchen

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