Big changes are around the corner!

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blue toilet

Does your dream home have one of these?

If you have read my blog very long you know that my family of 5 live in a small 900 sq ft house.  Matt bought it over 10 years ago when he was single.  A year later we were married and  I moved in, it has been a wonderful place to call home!  We have tried to move a few times over the past 9 years but nothing really seemed to fall into place, or felt right.  We have made the choice that IF we move it had to be closer to the hospital due to my sons health.  We are only 7 minutes away from our hospital now,  But a few years ago when Matthew was in a life threatening heart rhythm…..7 minutes seems like an hour.   We almost did not get him there in time.  We do not want this happen again. About 4 months ago I was driving home from a Church meeting and saw a for sale sign in one of my favorite older neighborhoods in Caldwell  (it is 1 mile away from our local hospital) .  We had  dreamed about living in this area, but it had always been WAY out of our price range.  Once again just dreaming  I pulled over to grab an information sheet from the Realtors sign.  I was SHOCKED when I saw the price less than half  of what it would have been a year ago plus it was a bank foreclosure.

I came home and told Matt all about it, not really thinking he would show much interest, being that we were not  “looking” to move for another year.  We decided to go do a walk thru and see what it looked like.  Well it was built in the early 70’s and it has not changed much!  It still has  blue toilets, sinks and tubs.  The cabinets, wall paper and lights all look like they came from the Brady Bunch tv show.  It has lots of over grown trees and the back yard is totally dead!  It is far from the dream home I have pictured in my head.  But ….. Matt and I both feel in love with it!  We know that with time all these things can be updated and we can make this house a wonderful home for our family.  Most important is it something we can afford and close to the hospital.

Being that it is a foreclosure we have had one hoop to jump thru after another.  We were suppose to move in back in June, but only 4 days before we closed on the house they found it had unpaid taxes and the government took control of the home.  We are crossing our fingers and plan to try to close on the house on Sept 8th, if all goes well.  We are praying that it does!   To say we have a busy month ahead of  us is just the beginning, but we are so excited!  I still plan to keep all the thrifty deals coming but there may be some days that I am not able to post as much as normal!  I will keep you all updated and pray all goes well on the 8th!

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