Blessing of couponing…

Before sale price of coupons this would have cost $198.60

I was able to get it all for $7.20

If you count the $3.75 I paid for coupons, total paid was $10.95)


As many of you know you can get Cinnabon Bars FREE with coupons the last two weeks at Albertsons. I do not normally order coupons off ebay but, ordered 60 coupons for $3.75.  I talked to my store manager and asked him to order extra, taking a gamble the extra order would come in.  I was excited that it came in, and  I was then able to buy them in groups of 10.  Rolling the Catalina from one group to the next making each group FREE.  I just had to pay $1.20 sales tax.

Now I know many of you are asking what on earth am I going to do with so many?  Well I have two special projects that I really want to help with, and couponing has allowed me to give back in a big way!


Last week I posted that the Ronald McDonald house was in need for breakfast bars.  This is a program that we enjoying “giving back” to, because we have had to stay there while out of state in Utah and Arizona.  As many of my know our oldest son Matthew has had over 14 heart surgery’s and we spent weeks even months at a time in the hospital.  This was a very challenging time in my life, it took every thing I had (time, energy, money) to make it thru each long day.

But thanks to Rondald McDonlad house, we had a bed to sleep in, a warm shower and food to eat.   I saw families drop off donations with a smile, and later see it in the food pantry.  Humbling and yes a bit humiliating to rely on others for help, but never have I felt so grateful.


My Son started 2nd grade a few weeks ago. I found out that he no longer gets a morning recess, but his teacher  feels it is important for the kids to get a short break.  So mid-day she gives them all a snack, which she pays for out of her own pocket.  We all know teachers do not get paid enough as it is.  So I told her I would try to help as much as I can, and will try to cover snacks at least once  a week.  This is something I would never be able to do, if I did not use coupons!

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