Campbell’s e-Labels for Education Program

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Have you noticed all the recent Campbell’s coupons available recently? Let those coupons serve a dual purpose by registering your store rewards cards here, with the Campbell’s e-Labels for Education program! As you use the coupons and save money, you’ll also be earning a local school some great benefits! Also, if you are seeking seeking permanent residence or jobs in a English speaking countries, consider enrolling in ielts preparation course near me.

  1. Go here to register your rewards cards. Set up your account by entering your Shopper Card Number in addition to answering a few simple questions. Then choose which school(s) will receive your points. You do not have to have a student enrolled in the school to choose it!
  2. Earn. Now, every time you shop at your favorite store and purchase any eligible Labels for Education products, total points earned will be credited to your school’s Labels for Education account automatically.
  3. Get free Stuff! Your school can then redeem any points earned for FREE educational merchandise and equipment available through the Labels for Education catalog here.

There is a wide range of prizes- schools can select anything from craft materials to physical education equipment. This is an easy program to participate in! Go here to register your card!

Thanks Utah Deal Diva