Confession time (don’t judge me) ~ #RealLife

Confession time (don't judge me).... Last night my kids carved pumpkins. They all separated the pumpkins seeds for me to make into roasted pumpkin...

My 4 month old baby girl petting her kitty cat #Family #Cute

Can you believe my baby girl is already sitting up in a high chair?  She is 4 months old (almost 5) and the time...

YOU WOKE ME UP…. her look says it all #BabyGirl #Family

Just a fun moment I wanted to share with you.... I sure do love this baby girl. I just love how she holds her...

The sound of locked brakes is going to haunt me for a while #FeelingBlessed

Feeling a split second the car in front of me slams in its brakes. I then slam on mine, stopping just short of...

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