Grateful Couponing vs Extreme Couponing

Ever wonder about the real stories behind Extreme Couponing? Yes there is a lot of controversial talk about the show, ethics, and shelf clearing. But...

Are you new to couponing?

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Extreme Couponing – How to start a Stockpile

With the show Extreme Couponing out - we are trying hard to make sure that appropriate couponing is taught. Propper manners and good etiquette...

Extreme Couponing – The right way

There are a lot of views to what Extreme Couponing can do for you. Our motto has always been Mom First, A Thrifty Mom...

Extreme Couponing is NOT my life- Mommy Moments

As you know each week I try to write a Mommy Moments post, where I reflect on the past week, and the moments that...

Extreme Couponer is Arrested

Well with the Extreme Couponing show that was out, it has gotten a little crazy in the Coupon World. From dumpster diving to taking...

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