Coupon insert giveaway

It’s Matt – Right now Sarah has been in and out of contractions. They are pretty close together and fairly rhythmic. So I figured we would do a fun giveaway! Our coupon insert giveaway that we would normally do around the time the baby comes will be given to the winner. Now being that the birth is definetly not a scheduled program, I have no clue when this giveaway will actually end. I also have no clue how many inserts we can giveaway, it all depends on when the baby comes. Sarah is due on April 9th. Our kids have all been a week or 2 early.

How can you win?

The person that guess the closest to the day and actual time the baby is born.

You need to state the month, day, and time including AM or PM.

Enter by leaving your guess here on this post only

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