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Jen Fitzpatrick

Couponing has given me the ability to stay home more with my children, take them on mini vacations to show and teach them about places and let them be able to see far away family and friends. It’s me trying to teach them that things don’t matter just people and spending time together!


Couponing gives me the freedom to stay at home with my kids and to be able to have no debt but a mortgage (and we are working on that one!). I have been couponing for 3 years now and will never go back. Though couponing may evolve, I will evolve with it!


Couponing gives us the ability to pay our “fixed” bills–mortgage, car ins. etc, on time. It also allows us to get treats/snacks for our kids that I normally would not be able to afford. It’s great!


Couponing has given me the FREEDOM to help others in ways I have been Blessed. Learning to coupon has not only taught me to buy wise, but it has also taught me to give. I help many of my Facebook friends with explanations of how to use coupons properly and I guess you could say I give coupon classes to those who are looking for answers. Although I must admit, I send them to for the ad matches and the other information they may need. But the best and most WONDERFUL feeling is Giving back to my community. I am Blessed to be able to give our local homeless Mission, food, toiletries, and paper goods once a month plus I also give diapers, toys, formula, food, toiletries and paper goods to our Abused Women’s Center. The coupons have helped me to be able to help so many that are less fortunate in so many way. To see a child’s smile because of a special toy or his/her favorite snack, just melts my heart. I owe this all to couponing. Helping others, especially children, has always been a priority to me and my husband. Couponing has made it possible to help even more. Thank you Sara and Matt for hard work and dedication with You really are helping to change lives forever. ???


I am new to couponing. I am disabled and young, it has become a hobby and fulfilled me missing my job so much. My husband is out of work so when there is 0 income. You try very hard to get what you can at the lowest price possible. Couponing has brought my Husband and I closer in our relationship cause he gets excited when I tell him, ” hey honey I went to the grocery store( he cringes) and I saved this much money”! Then he is REALLY happy and excited, im putting my efforts into saving our money instead of blowing it. We really enjoy hunting for deals at our local stores and saving money!!! Best of luck my fellow coupon sisters and brothers lol.

Couponing gives me the freedom to be a great mom. Before, my husband and I would worry about if we would have enough to get through until the next payday, and now I am less stressed because I have been able to save my family money by couponing, and having less stress in the house makes a calm house and that makes me feel so good


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