Couponing success at Rite Aid

So maybe this should be coupon-LESS success.

My daughter will be 13 this week and she really wanted some “wand” lip gloss so I being her thrifty mom, this had to be either on a sale OR couponed.

I had Ups rewards to use and this is what I chose, for the RiteAid coupon match up go HERE

Ingard’s out of pocket was $1.72, before coupons and sales this would have been $11.97. If my math is correct that is about 85% savings

2pk Kushyfoot covers $4.99 on sale ( I bought the large/plus)

  • after you pay get back a $1 Up reward
  • Final price $3.99

NYC make up B1G1 50% off ~ I got wand lip gloss @ 2.49 each


$5 and $2 Up rewards

Total out of pocket $1.72 before tax

and I got a $1 up reward after I paid to ‘roll’ into next weeks sale


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