Couponing Success at Walgreens 7/16

Normally I have register rewards to start a transaction from the prior week.  I did not this time so my out of pocket cost were much higher than normal.  But I did walk away with $12 in  register rewards that I will be able to “roll” towards next weeks deals.

Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $82.63

I was able to get it all for $20.47

Plus I have $12 in RR to roll towards next week

For the Walgreens match up, click here.

Also remember this week my store had NO LIMITS as they stocked up for the sale, and really wanted couponers to take as much as they want.

Transaction #1-6

  • Bought one Gum floss or Toothbrush $2.00 (normally $3.99)
  • Paid $2.12 with tax
  • After I paid got back a $2.00 Register Reward

Transaction #7-9

  • 1 Hyland’s Teething gel
  • bought Lizard toy and bracelets on clearance  as filler items .24  each
  • Paid with 2/ $2.00 register rewards from transactions 1-6
  • Also paid with the $1.00 MFR coupon
  • Final price $.48 plus $.33 tax= $.81
  • after I paid got back a $5.00 RR

Transaction #10-12

  • bought 2 EOS products
  • Paid with the $5 register rewards from transactions 7-9
  • Final price $1.00 plus .36 = $1.36
  • After I paid got back another $4 RR

Transaction #13

  • 2 bags of Starburst
  • used 2 MFR coupons
  • scanned the store coupons
  • Final price $1.00 plus $.24 tax = $1.24

Buy 2 Skittles, Starburst (16.8 oz) or Lifesavers Gummies (15.6 oz) 2/$4

  • also use the $1/1 printable HERE, use two (if you need a zip try 84711 or 90210)
  • use the $1/2 from Walgreens Coupon Booklet – found near store entrance
  • Final Price: 2  for $1

EOS Shave Cream 7 oz. or Lip Balm .25 oz. 2/$6

  • after you pay get a $4 Register Reward when you buy 2
  • Final Price: $1 each

Hyland’s Teething Gel $5

Evenflo Simply Absorbent Disposable Nursing Pads 40 ct.$4.99

  • after you pay get a $4 Register Reward
  • Final Price: $0.99

GUM Dental Care: 2 pack Micro or Super Tip Toothbrushes or Floss 200 yards $2

  • after you pay get a $2 Register Reward
  • use $0.55/1 GUM Accessory 8/8/2010 Red Plum insert ~regional
  • Final Price: FREE + profit


  • Some store have placed limits on coupon deals to read more click here
  • To view Walgreens official coupon policy click here
  • Can I use a coupon and still have a Register Reward print, click here.
  • I always check out at the cosmetics counter, and if anyone comes behind me I let them go first, so I do not hold up the line.
  • One thing to remember about Walgreens RR (register reward) is you can not use a “chap stick RR” to pay for another chap stick and have another RR print. BUT you can use a “toothpaste” RR to pay for chap stick and have another RR print.
  • Also remember that Walgreens has a coupon item ratio rule, you can only use as many coupons as you have items. They count RR as coupons. So if I was only buying 4 items ( all of which had manufacture coupons which meant my item coupon ratio was already 4 to 4) I wanted to pay with a RR I would need to ad a filler item something cheap like a pencil. This would then make my coupon ration 5 ( 4 manufacturer coupons and 1 register reward) and my item ratio 5. I then could pay with my coupons and RR with no problem. An instore coupon does NOT count as a coupon in this ratio….just as a sale price.
  • Also remember that only one RR per product will print per transaction. For example If wanted to buy 3 bottles of Aussie shampoo. In order to have 2 RR print for each one I had to buy them in 3 transactions. My store is happy to let me go thru the line more than once ……but some store will limit you.
  • You can not pay for sales tax with a RR